Responding to the Challenges of Climate Change

October 23, 2017 - October 26, 2017
Honolulu Campus, East-West Center

Responding to the Challenges of Climate Change: Exploiting, Harnessing and Enhancing the Opportunities of Clean Energy.

The 2017-Forum Math-For-Industry is returning to Hawaiʻi, and its theme is inspired by the alarming trend of climate change and its effect on the life on Earth along with the associated growing world-wide initiatives in renewable energy, as well as the priority for the State of Hawaii to eliminate its dependence on fossil fuel.

It is the harnessing and exploitation of energy that drives the dynamics of human evolution and existence. Either directly or indirectly, the energy that is used comes or has come from the sun. Historically, for example, because of its abundance and energy efficiency, coal was and continues to be burnt to make the steam that drives the turbines that generates the electricity that exploits the ground breaking experimental work of Faraday. Similar scenarios hold for the utilization of petroleum. Climate change has been and is a continuing negative reaction to such actions.

To ameliorate the consequences, new protocols for generating the required energy are being developed which build on the clean energy opportunities including wind, solar, hydro and storage. The expansion of sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel is one of the grand scientific challenges of the 21st century.

Success will depend heavily on the ingenuity of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics utilised. These challenges are inherently complex and require interdisciplinary approaches to and truly innovative solutions. Consequently, the goal of the Forum is to facilitate a discussion about the role that mathematics-for-industry can play in exploiting, harnessing and enhancing clean energy opportunities and strategies.

World renowned scientists from the United States, Japan, Australia, Iceland and Chile will present the current challenges and situation as well as discuss actions and research needed for these essential questions.

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