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WCC Leadership Seminar 2017: Change Management: Becoming A Quick - Change Arti

November 8, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Windward Campus, Hale ‘Ākoakoa

Jim Bagnola returns on day two.

Research shows that approximately 20% of the population are change friendly. About 50% are on the fence and not really desiring to embrace change and 30% are authentic change resisters. Job one at the workshop is to facilitate an understanding of Change as one of evolution and growth and not something that should be avoided. Once Change is something an individual can Anticipate not react to, engage not defend against it, embrace it not resist it and if appropriate, Initiate change instead of enduring it. Addressing leading organizational change is then viable second step. Completing the program is the review of the Harvard research based, eight-stage program to guide change in an organization.

• Is there a specific biology of change

• Three core competencies we need to develop

• What is the most important 1/10th of a second

Continental breakfast and lunch included.

Public, Students, Faculty and Staff are welcome.

Event Sponsor
Career and Community Education, Windward Campus

More Information
Career and Community Education, 808-235-7433,,

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