Public Lecture by Dr. Robert Campbell, Director-General of NIJL

February 28, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Hamilton Library Room 301

Lecture entitled, "Cities set within Themselves: Thoughts on the Literary Landscape of Early Modern Tokyo," Dr. Robert Campbell starts with a rough overview of the historical geography of Edo-Tokyo, from which we can explore the ways writers and illustrators used the urban landscape to represent human life within the early twentieth century cycle of disaster and reconstruction. He will focus especially on the physical and literary constructions of the Ginza, a section of town near the main venues of the upcoming Games.

The Ginza was first erected in the 1870s as a brick-built western style "city within the city," and quickly grew to symbolize both the rapacious nature of modern capitalism and a searing nostalgia toward culture long past. Toward the end, he hopes to touch upon how urban representation differed among Japanese and American writers during the Allied Occupation years.

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UH Manoa Library & Center for Japanese Studies, Mānoa Campus

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