The Maids

November 21, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Earle Ernst Lab Theatre

In Repertory with The Moors
November 15, 21, 23 at 7:30pm & Nov. 16, 24 at 2pm

By Jean Genet
Directed by MFA Directing Candidate Tyler Haugen

Fantasy can be an escape for those in need. But in an oppressive environment, fantasy can give rise to unspeakable acts.

Solange and Claire are two housekeepers who work for a domineering mistress known only as “Madame.” In order to pass the time when Madame is gone, the maids find fun in role-playing, but this play begins to lead to plots of murder.

Will Solange and Claire carry out violent revenge against their mistress? Or will their plans remain a fantasy? When Madame is away, the maids will play….

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Theatre + Dance, Mānoa Campus

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John Wells, (808) 956-2601,,, Attached Document (PDF)

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