Data Science Friday Seminar: Mining Social Media for News

November 22, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, 103 Keller Hall

Topic: Mining Social Media for News

Speaker: Dr. Mark Menor

Today, the impact of social media on society is obvious. Social media influences politics and moves financial markets. The ubiquity of mobile devices has led to citizens, such as eyewitnesses, to becoming a growing source of breaking news. Being aware of breaking events immediately is extremely valuable to journalists or to traders if the news could affect an equity or the market in general. But sifting through the ocean of social media to find actual relevant breaking news in real-time is challenging. With the use case of breaking news discovery, we will explore the basic concepts of natural language processing like named entity recognition and sentiment analysis that are core to analyzing text data. As the internet is a minefield of misinformation, vital techniques to model the credibility of social media sources will be discussed. Finally we will explore some of the recent research in event detection and my personal experience working in the area.

Event Sponsor
Hawai‘i Data Science Institute, Mānoa Campus

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