‘Sculpting in Time’: Michael Haneke’s Caché

September 15, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Mānoa Campus, Zoom Webinar

This essay, destined for a monograph journal issue on cultural studies and postcolonialism, is an inquiry into the way visual arts intervene to disclose and unsettle perspectives on the inequalities within the metropolitan venues in which immigrant populations from former colonies dwell, Mapping the historical context of the hegemonic structures that such interventions seek to challenge, the inquiry proceeds through a reading of Michael Haneke’s film Caché, which follows the Laurent family whose forgetfulness of their personal memories of a wrong perpetrated on an Algerian foster child is an allegory for France’s willful amnesia about the Paris security forces October 1961 attack on Algerian demonstrators.

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Free with registration: BIT.LY/CSSHAPIRO

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International Cultural Studies Certificate Program, Mānoa Campus

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International Cultural Studies Certificate Program, culture@hawaii.edu, http://BIT.LY/CSSHAPIRO, International Cultural Studies Certificate Program (PDF)

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