Pili i Ke Kanaka | Dr. Devi Dee Mucina

March 29, 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Zoom

Pili i Ke Kanaka: Indigenous Social Sciences Speaker Series features Native Hawaiian and Indigenous scholars, practitioners and leaders on related social science topics by connecting and engaging students, staff, faculty and community with thought provoking social science knowledge from Indigenous perspectives. Ubuntu Relational Love: Decolonizing Indigenous Masculinities In a world dominated by colonial governance aimed at shackling and erasing Indigenous African cultures and sacred traditions, so that only Black laboring bodies remain, I have learned to fight back by writing to remind my children, family and communities about how we matter, while also highlighting how our relations matter to us. In this context, I center an African Ubuntu way of sharing orature, because it brings us back to the shared centre of knowledge. Yet, this work is about more than talking about colonially created fragmentation. It is about seeing the social landscape of embodied race, colonialism, sexism and politics. It is about grounding myself in the Ubuntu philosophical frameworks of relational dialogue, so that I start to return to our relational way (Ubuntu). I hope in this presentation to share one process of re-centering the social space of fragmented Indigenous memories. About Dr. Devi Dee Mucina Dr. Devi Dee Mucina is an Indigenous Ubuntu from the Ngoni and Shona people of southern Africa. He received his PhD from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Mucina is the Program Director for the Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Victoria, Canada. His academic interests include Indigenous African philosophies, decolonizing Indigenous masculinities, Indigenous fathering and other-fathering and using Ubuntu oralities and disability studies to understand the social memory of Indigenous Children. He authored Ubuntu Relational Love: Decolonizing Black Masculinities by University of Manitoba Press. To learn more about Dr. Mucina, visit: https://www.uvic.ca/hsd/igov/people/faculty/mucina-devi-dee.php.

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Hui ʻĀina Pilipili, College of Social Sciences, Mānoa Campus

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808-956-2581, http://huiainapilipili.eventbrite.com

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