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Windward Continuing Education

Aikea @UH Slam Jam

December 5, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Manoa Campus, Hemenway Hall/Manoa Gardens Courtyard

Please Join Aikea @ UH for its first campus social!

This event will include free food, slam poetry by J-Rob and others, and live music.

At Aikea @UH, we kea about justice & equality. From repealing the PLDC to fighting tuition hikes & much more. Come tell us what you kea about on campus and how we can take action to make change and progress on campus and across the island!

Event is open to all: students, faculty, and community members

***Aikea @ UH's Mission Statement***

We at Aikea UH embrace and promote diversity, social justice and equality. We reject politicians who break their word and decline policies and systems that betray the people. We, as students, will lead, vote, organize, and act to protect our education, our future, and our island home.

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Aikea @ UH, Manoa Campus

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Wednesday, December 5
4:00pm Aikea @UH Slam Jam
Manoa Campus, Hemenway Hall/Manoa Gardens Courtyard
6:00pm Play In Clay
Windward Campus, Hale Palanakila 216
6:30pm Tai Chi (Yang Style)
Windward Campus, Hale Kuhina 115
7:30pm ‘Ukulele Concert at Paliku Theatre
Windward Campus, Paliku Theatre
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