Campus Center is the student union of the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.

The student union offers the university community and the public a wide variety of meeting, dining and entertainment options to enrich campus life and the educational experience. Campus Center, located in the heart of the University, strives to meet the co-curricular needs and interests of the University community by utilizing the Campus Center Complex (Campus Center and Hemenway Hall) as the primary venue for programs and events to create an environment where individuals can come and relax, study and be entertained or challenged. The Campus Center affects the quality of life on campus by the variety of co-curricular programs it provides. Please come and visit us!!!


Spring 2015

Spring Break Hours of Operation for Campus Center Complex

Spring break is here! While we will be observing Manoa Green Days, some services will be OPEN.  Subway and Starbucks will be open on limited hours.  The UH Bookstore, WRC, American Savings Bank and the UH Credit Union is also open.  For hours: 

Spring Break Hours of Operation


Automatic UH ID "validation" for returning students. 

No more waiting in line if you already have a UH ID card and if you DON'T need the Soring UPASS!  Just go to the intended service (WRC, Bookstore, Library, etc.) and you are ready to go.

If you are a new student without a Manoa One Card UH ID, please go to the Campus Center Ballroom (1/12/15 - 1/14/15) for ID and UPASS issuance.  Otherwise, we will be at the CC Ticket, Information and ID Office.  We have extended hours from 8:00am - 6:00pm for the Spring Rush (1/12/15 - 1/16/15).

Manoa One Card your UHM ID card

You will need your Manoa One Card to access priveleges on campus.  Use your card for access to the WRC and to attend Campus Center Board events such as concerts and other recreational/education events.  Use it for the library and to gain access to athletic games.  The Manoa One Card is also your ticket to dining - whether you are on a meal plan or just need a meal here or there. 

Eligibility is based on your registration for the semester and that you have no financial holds on your account.  That means you must meet your payment deadlines and clear all your holds.  Access to privileges will depend on your payment of the applicable student activity fee. Check your MyUH Portal for your eligibility for these student privileges

No more printed stamps as validation - access to privileges are now electronic.  If you already have a UH ID card - that will work.  You don't need to come for the stamp. 

If you need UPASS (which is the semester bus pass), you will still need to go to the CC Ticket, Information and ID office.  This is a sticker that is placed on your UH ID card.  Remember - the UPASS is non transferable.

For more information:

For Faculty/Staff and Guest UH ID cards - please see your department representatives. 

Make the most of your UH ID card.  For all incoming students, faculty and staff, access your account online via eAccounts. 

Click here for the Manoa One Card page:


Think of using your UH ID as a meal card - Go cashless on campus!

Load it with flash cash to be used at Student Affairs Dining locations:  Campus Center Dining, Jamba Juice, Bale, Pizza Hut Express, Starbucks, StirFresh, Simply to Go, Gateway and Hale Aloha Cafetarias, and The Market. 

For dining information:


One stop shop for your meeting and event services - rooms, catering and technical support.  Reserve space for your special event online

Meeting and Event Services
>>Reserve Your Space Now



Spring Movies at CC Ballroom

  • 4/10/15 - Big Hero 6 (7p/9p)


Upcoming events:

Taste of Manoa - 4/9/15 from 5p

Janet Mock - Redefining Realness - 04/16/15

Bingo Night - 4/17/15

Cram Jam - 5/10/15 - 5/15/15


For other Campus Center Board programs: 

Campus Center Board Activities Council



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