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Welcome to the Campus Center Renovation and Expansion Project! The UH-Manoa Campus Center serves as the gathering place for the campus community to meet, socialize, and study. It will be undergoing its first major renovation in Summer 2008. This website will chronicle the project's evolution from the student initiatives, to the building plans, to the latest project information.

UPDATE (01/13/2014):
The north walkway is open for the start of the Spring semester!  Also, open is the Bookstore entrance on the 1st floor for the Spring rush and textbook buyback.  Site work continues to  be going with the landscaping around the CC Courtyard beginning to take form.  Barricades on the 3rd floor of Campus Center that look out to Recreation Center have also been taken down. 


Please see the campus map here: Campus Center Updated Accessiblity Map

PROJECT SCOPE: Honolulu Builders, Inc. is the construction company for this project.  Ushijim Architects with YGH Architecture and Miyabara and Associates are the architects for this project.  The project includes a new 2 story recreation center at the Diamond Head side of Campus Center, and related renovations of the existing Campus Center building. The new facility will include a multi-purpose gymnasium, an indoor jogging track, a fitness center for cardiovascular and weight training, multi-purpose fitness studios, locker rooms and showers. The scope of work includes site work, such as removal and relocation of landscaping, demolition of sidewalks, and relocation of underground utilities.

The new facility will house a comprehensive recreation program that includes leisure, intramural and recreational sports. The addition of the Recreation Center will add significant activities to the existing Campus Center to enhance the quality of student life.

Campus Center renovations in this project are:  a new store front for the Bookstore, redesign Campus Center Courtyard, upgrading the central air conditioning system, increasing seating spaces via an outdoor terrace, and bringing Starbucks Coffee, a full service coffee shop to the Manoa campus. 


OVERVIEW: Project History and Goals

  • Background: The Campus Center Complex, which includes Hemenway Hall (1938) and Campus Center (1973), is UH-Manoas student unionthe gathering hub for student programming and activities. As a facility under the department of Co-curricular Activities, Programs and Services, the Campus Center Complex is home to a variety of student life programs including leadership education, new student orientation programs, registered clubs, and leisure recreation programs. It also houses a variety of food service establishments and retail services.
  • Approval: In November of 2006 and with over 2500 petition signatures from students, The UH-Board of Regents approved the increase in Campus Center Operations and Recreation Fee in support of the project.
  • Goals: Respond to student needs by being able to access and use computing technology with ease, to enjoy convenience with prompt service, and to lounge and relax in more spaces. Enhance the student experience by acting as a central hub for students to meet and gather. Improved physical settings will encourage students to relax, study, and socialize in different areas within the Campus Center Complex. Provide for a more vibrant university campus life by giving access to basic amenities that address their nutritional, recreational, and educational needs in one convenient location.
  • Finance: In order to finance the Campus Center Renovation and Expansion Project, the Campus Center Board (CCB) has explored various funding alternatives including seeking legislative funding, obtaining reimbursable general obligation bonds, floating revenue bonds, and gaining private funding. It was apparent that the CCB would have to obtain additional bonds in order to fully finance the renovation and expansion project. Therefore, CCB passed a resolution to increase the Campus Center Operations and Recreational Fee over five years after an extensive consultation process involving student petitions, public hearings, meetings with student organizations, CCB recently established an account through the University of Hawaii Foundation, which will provide a secure avenue for community members to contribute monetary donations towards supplementing project efforts and future programs.

Projected costs by phases (with soft costs)

    • Phase 1: Minor Renovations to the Campus Center ($1.2M)
    • Phase 2: Expansion and Construction of the Recreational center ($38M)
    • Phase 3: Major Renovations to the Campus Center ($7.3M)


  • Phase 1: Minor Renovations in the Campus Center (Summer 2008 ~ Fall 2008): Existing Campus Center facilities will undergo much-needed improvements. Restroom lighting and ventilation systems will be upgraded. Plumbing systems will be converted to more sustainable versions. Fixtures will be modified to increase usability and ensure ADA compliance. The forum stairs will be removed and a new book store entrance will be created to increase the amount of gathering space for students to meet, study, and socialize.
  • Phase 2: Construction of the Recreational Center (Fall 2010 ~ Fall 2013): Centers around two projects: 1) the relocation of the Board of Publication's programs (e.g. Ka Leo, Kalamakua) into the Hemenway Hall theater; 2) the construction of a new recreational center; creating a full service coffee store
  • Phase 3: Encompasses any additional renovation and upkeep to the Campus Center. The project will include expanding gathering and meeting spaces, and creating space conducive for student organizations to partner and collaborate.

VISION: The Campus Center Renovation and Expansion Project entails the renovation of the existing Campus Center and a new Student Recreational Center adjacent to the Campus Center.

Locally-based KYA Design Group composed the project's development report for all three phases.

Ushijima Architects Inc. currently serves as both Phase 2 and 3 of the project's prinicpal architecture firm and consults with Yost Grube Hall Architecture for the design of the Recreational Center component.

Mitsunaga & Associates provides contruction management for Phase 2B.

Monday, December 20, 2010 ~ Fall 2013.


Project Renderings:

Floor Plans: