Leeward CC created and organized the first Excellence in Teaching Conference for the UH Community Colleges faculty in 1983. This conference evolved into the annual UH Community Colleges Excellence in Education Conference. In 1999, the UHCC held its 17th annual conference for faculty and staff.

Since opening its doors in 1974, the Leeward CC Theatre with the first performing arts faculty in the UHCC, has touched the lives of over 1.8 million people through the discovery and joy of performing arts.

In 1977, Leeward CC developed the Program for Advanced Study Skills (PASS), a groundbreaking learning community aimed at helping under-prepared students. During the past 22 years, this program has helped many students meet the challenges in their first year of college, yielding high (80 - 90%) retention rates.

Leeward CC initiated the Hawai`i Great Teachers Seminar in 1989. Now in its 12th year, this seminar has been an inspirational, rejuvenating experience for local, national, and international teaching professionals. Each UHCC campus has added to the success of this seminar by annually sponsoring its faculty as participants, thereby, showcasing our excellence in education.

Leeward CC built the first Observatory Park in the UHCC that is open to the public while serving as a facility for undergraduate research. The first observatory was built in 1993. A second observatory was added in 1999 with plans for three more.

Leeward CC increased access to higher education when it took over the management of the Nanakuli and Wai`anae Education Centers in 1971. Today, the Leeward CC Wai`anae satellite campus continues to serve students on the Wai`anae Coast in courses from pre-college to graduate level.

The Leeward CC Clerical Staff Council (CSR) was established in 1975 to provide a formal voice through which the clerical staff can fully participate in the development of the College. This council has served as a model for the Leeward CC APT Group and Leeward CC Lecturers Organization as well as for other clerical groups locally and nationally.

Since 1988, Leeward CC has welcomed the community to the College's Family Fun and Craft Fair. This annual event brings thousands to the campus to play, shop, and experience "Excitement in Education" as faculty and staff promote their courses and programs through interactive hands-on educational activities.

In 1974, Leeward CC received a five-year, $2.4 million Title III Advanced Institutional Development Program grant to support major institutional development in staff and curriculum development, technology, and student services. In 1999, the College received a five-year $1.8 million Title III grant for Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions program of the US Department of Education. This grant is designed to increase Hawaiian student enrollment, retention, and completion rates, develop a Hawaiian studies certification program, and support the technology needs for certificate programs that prepare students for careers in the 21st century.

Leeward CC developed unique, innovative programs such as Television Production, Digital Media, and Substance Abuse Counseling.

Kathleen Cabral, Theatre Manager, Leeward CC, was elected President of the Performing Arts Presenters of Hawai`i, a state-wide consortium of arts and educational institutions dedicated to the presentation of quality arts and cultural events. Kathleen was awarded a $24,000 grant from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts for 1999-2000 season at LCC Theatre.

Larry Fujinaka, Professor, Psychology, Leeward CC, and Director, Hawai`i Great Teachers Seminar, was invited to coordinate the Okinawan Great Teachers Seminar in Okinawa. This program was created to replicate the Hawai`i Great Teachers Seminar, which has earned international notoriety for promoting excellence in teaching.

Lucy Gay, Director of OCET, Leeward CC, received the Regional leadership Award for the Southwest Region by the National Council for Continuing Education and Training. NCCET provides leadership for continuing education, workforce development, and community services professional. Gay was recognized for her contributions to continuing education in her region and for exemplifying the qualities of leadership that NCCET promotes among continuing education professionals.

Jean Hara, Professor CC Office Administration & Technology Program, Leeward CC received the 1999 Hawai`i Business Education Association's President's Award in recognition of professionalism and dedication to the Hawai`i Business Education Association.

R. Sinikka Hayasaka, Professor, Japanese, and Division Chair, Language Arts, Leeward CC, was appointed to the National Education Association (NEA) Professional Standards and Practice Standing Committee for 1999-2000. She also represented NEA at the Education International Leadership meeting in Budapest, Hungary, and was elected to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Board of Directors for the 2000-2003 term. She is also the Principal Investigator for the NEA "Building Bridges" Grant 1999-2000.

Douglas Kaya, Professor, Speech, Leeward CC, is the advisor of the "Hawai'i-Okinawa Keiki Art Exchange," Okinawan Centennial Celebration Committee. He also was cast as an actor in "The Purple Family," a video to help families minimize the negative impact of divorce on their children, for the Kids First Program, the
Family Court, Hawai`i State Judiciary.

Roy Kamida, Professor, Accounting, Business Education Division, Leeward CC, received the 1999 Hawai`i Business Education Association Outstanding Administrator Award for his role as Division Chair.

Morgan Keene, Coordinator, Motorcycle Safety Education Program, Leeward CC, was elected to a two-year term on the Executive Committee of the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators as Vice Chairperson. She also served on the Executive Committee as the Western Regional Representative for 1998-99.

Sandra Kelley, Assistant Professor, English, Leeward CC, authored a regular column in the Ka Manao, the LCC student newspaper, called "Yo, Teach" dispensing practical advice on such topics as tests, notetaking, textbooks, procrastination, juggling work/school/family, and anything that would help students succeed.

Karim Khan, Assistant Professor, History, Leeward CC, had an article, "The Servants of God in the Northwest Province of British India, 1927-1947," published in the Newsletter of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, in August 1999.

Paul Lococo, Instructor, Leeward CC, received his Ph.D. in Chinese History from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa in May, 1998. He also presented a paper at the Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, Boise State University, titled: "Qing Military Preparedness prior to the Opium War." He served as the principle humanities scholar for workshops introducing themes on modern Chinese history, directed at high school teachers in Hawai`i and Community College instructors.

John Michalski, Professor, English, Leeward CC, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Austrian-Hawaiian Association. He was invited to an international conference on Communication in Beijing, China and arranged for speakers from the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council to speak to his Leeward CC Honors Classes.

Mark Minasian, Instructor in Music, Leeward CC, gave a solo performance and master class for the annual convention of the International Trumpet Guild in Sydney Australia

Sharon Narimatsu, Provost, Leeward CC was received the Outstanding OWL award at the 15th anniversary luncheon of the Organization of Women Leaders (OWL) for her contributions to the organization which she helped organize in 1984. She has also been appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to serve on the Commission on Judicial Conduct until summer 1999.

Patricia Neils, Instructor in History, Leeward CC, is treasurer for the National Association for International Educators (NAFSA), Hawai`i Pacific District.

Jack Pond, Professor, English, Leeward CC, was semi-finalist for the 1999 Outstanding First Year Advocate Award from the Two Year Colleges given by the National Resources Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of Southern Carolina.

Don Ranney, Theatre Technician, Leeward CC, was awarded the prestigious Hawai`i State Theatre Council Po`okela Award for Theatrical Excellence in set design for his work on Manoa Valley Theatre's "Kiss of the Spiderwoman."

Anthony R. Russo, Professor, Oceanography, Leeward CC, published research on the "Importance of Corophium Curvispinum" in Lake Balaton, Hungary, with the Hungarian Academy of Science in Proceedings of Fourth International Crustacean Congress, 1998, held in Amsterdam, Holland. He also did a presentation of Cyprus research on green sea turtles to attendees at the Oceanography Conference in Boston, 1998.

William Souza, Coordinator of the Native Hawaiian Community Based Education Learning Center, Leeward CC is a member of the Board of Directors for Alu Like Inc. (non-profit Native Hawaiian Service agency) and the Alu Like High Technology Institute. He is also a member of the Royal Order of Kamehameha.

Vicky Holt Takamine, Lecturer in Vocational Technical Division, Leeward CC, was one of seven judges at the Merrie Monarch Festival held in Hilo in April 1999.

Wayne Tanna, Lecturer in Business Law, Leeward CC was awarded the 1999 NIU Award by the Volunteer Legal Services Hawai`i for outstanding contributions to the delivery of legal services. He was also awarded the 1999 Young Lawyers Division's Justice Award for his outstanding contributions to the ideals of justice by the Young Lawyers Division of the Hawai`i State Bar Association.

Gwen Williams, Assistant Professor, Human Services, Leeward CC, was elected to the Board of the newly formed organization, Hawai`i Alliance of the Healing Arts.

John Watt, Nurse Practitioner, Leeward CC, Clinical Faculty for the University of Hawai`i at Manoa School of Nursing Graduate Practitioner Program, Community Education Home Health Aid Faculty, Primary Care Provider for LCC Medical Clinic is Chairman of the State of Hawai`i Nurses Association Committee on Advanced Nursing Practice. He is the second in 18 nationally certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who have received prescriptive license (legal right to prescribe medication). He also authored a bill that required insurance companies to include APRN Nurse Practitioners to be eligible to provide health care, making them eligible for insurance payments. Act 222 became law in 1999.

Leeward CC held the 11th Annual Hawai'i Great Teachers Seminar this summer. Its success was due to participants from across the US, Palau, and Korea, and to its Director, Larry Fujinaka, Professor, Psychology; Business Manager, Dennis Kaibara, Professor, Economics, Leewarc CC; and staff: Cindy Martin, Associate Professor, Staff Development; Janice Ito, Professor, Microbiology; Donnabelle Pascual, Assistant Professor, Math; andKaren Fujishima-Lee, Instructor, Mathematics, Leeward CC; David Sherrill, Professor, Educational Psychology, UH Manoa; Harold Kozuma, Counselor Emeritus, UH-Hilo; Annie Maeda, Assistant Professor, English, Hawai`i CC.

Leeward CC's International Education Committee held a three-day international conference on "The Year of Africa."

Leeward CC received a five-year Title III Native Hawaiian grant from the US Department of Education. Sinikka Hayasaka, Professor, Japanese, serves as the Project Director.

Leeward CC Children's Center has been re-accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

Leeward CC held its second annual Distance Education Orientation Day for Spring 1999 with over 145 distance education students in attendance from both Leeward and Windward Community Colleges

The Leeward CC Business Education Division and their Joint Industry Advisory Committee members held a conference entitled, "Doing Business Beyond 2000" conference. Brian A. Moriki, First Hawaiian Bank; Kathleen L. Young, Professor, OAT, Leeward CC and Ross Higa, Assistant Professor, Management, Leeward CC co-chaired this event. Conference Steering Committee chairs were: Michael Fujita, Instructor, Accounting, Leeward CC; Jean Hara, Professor, OAT Leeward CC; Roy Kamida, Professor, Accounting, Leeward CC; Stanley May, Instructor, OAT, Leeward CC; Bobbie Medeiros of Craig Yim, Attorney at Law; Shelley Ota, Associate Professor, Accounting, Leeward CC; Pamela Tanigawa of Kapi`olani Center; and Clayton Kim of Hawaiian Electric.

Leeward CC's Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) Group held its first retreat, "Planning Our Destiny: The Prequel," on August 6, 1999. The participants enjoyed a day of questioning, learning and striving with illustrious speakers including: Harold Masumoto, Executive Director of RCUH; Peggy Hong, Director of the Office of Human Resources for the University of Hawai`i; and Michael Unebasami, Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Affairs for the UH Community College system.

Leeward CC received a $15,000 grant from the Benton Foundation for the third phase of "Open Studio: The Arts Online," a national project to train and educate artists and arts organizations in Information technology. The funds will support the continuance of Leeward serving as a Mentor Site for the Open Studio project. Kathleen Cabral, Theatre Manager, is the principal investigator.

Leeward CC instituted its first Winter Session allowing students to earn 3 credits in three weeks over the winter break.

Maka Ancheta, Student, Leeward CC, won the LCC singing contest with his song entitled "At this Moment." He also won top honors at the singing contest held at the UH Community College's 35th Anniversary celebration on April 16, 1999 at the Sheraton-Waikiki Hotel.

The Clerical Staff Council of Leeward CC awarded two $600 scholarships to Tammi Sunio, majoring in Accounting, and Teresa Motas, majoring in Food Service.

Brian L. Yoshikawa, Student, Leeward CC, received the Leeward Community College Outstanding Post-Secondary Business Education student award from the Hawai`i Business Education Association in May 1999.

Gilbert Mahi, Student, Leeward CC, won the First Place 1999 Hawai`i Business Education Association Keyboarding Award.

Juanita Shimabukuro, Student, Leeward CC, won the Second Place 1999 Hawai`i Business Education Association Keyboarding Award.

Lena Hasan and Kathleen Christensen received the LCC Outstanding Scholar Award. This award is presented to LCC students in Language Arts, Arts & Humanities, or Social Sciences Division who demonstrate a continuous love for learning as recognized by their teachers. These scholarships are made possible through the generosity of Professor Emeritus Nancy Anderson Higa.

Diana Stouffer, Student, Leeward CC, was selected to the 1999 All-USA Academic Second Team for Community and Junior Colleges. She was one of 20 students selected out of nearly 1400 nominations. This award is co-sponsored by USA Today, AACC and Phi Theta Kappa.