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What Hawai`i Teachers Say About the Center

"Excellent resource teachers. You did a FANTASTIC job! Economics came alive! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned how economics is sequential and how concepts such as 'scarcity and opportunity cost' can be integrated throughout the curriculum."

-- Kauluwela Economic Awareness Workshop Participant

"Even after a full day of teaching 160 students, I always looked forward to attending this class. I especially enjoyed the stimulating discussions on global and economic conditions and listening to and being able to question our guest speakers. More importantly, I was able to share valuable information with my students regarding trends."

-- Consumer Economics Forum Participant

"The combination of lecture/theory and practical hands-on activities throughout the day was great. The instructors were knowledgeable, clear, well-organized, fun to be with, and facilitated lots of interaction among everyone."

-- Enriching the Curriculum Through Economics Participant

"Mini-Society has turned out to be the most exciting concept seen by this school in many years. Not only do the children learn economics within a democratic context, they also receive the benefit of integrated reading, writing, math, and discussion. All too often, these skills are taught in isolation. With Mini-Society, there is integration and application."

-- Fred Okumura, Dean of Students, Iolani Lower School