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Centennial News

Charters of the University
Beginning Monday, March 19, 2007 and continuing through June 22, 2007 an exhibit celebrating the University of Hawaii Charter Day will be displayed in Hawaii Hall. The exhibit features the charters and documents that lead to the establishment of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, and to the elevating of the college to become the University of Hawaii. The exhibit documents our celebrations of the College of Hawaii (1907-1920) and the University of Hawaii (1920-present).
'Centennial' Anthurium
The College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources in celebration of the Centennial announces the creation of a Centennial Anthurium. Visit UH Announces for more information, Centennial Anthurium.
Celebrating Their Lives
Images of the academic achievements and personal triumphs of former faculty at the University of Hawaii can be found in tributes or obituaries posted on the Internet. A collection of these documents can be found in the NECROLOGY compiled by Fred W. Riggs, president of the Faculty Retirees Association at UHM. It's posted at:
Riggs admits the shortcomings of the collection since many names are lacking, and data for those included is often sketchy or even missing. Readers are invited to send suggestions for additions and corrections to fredr@hawaii.edu.
Information provided on the Necrology webpage is provided and controlled by Mr. Riggs. Comments about the content or design should be directed to Mr. Riggs at the address above.