Constitution of the Chamorro Club at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

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Article I: Name

§1 The official name of this organization is the Chamorro Club at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Article II: Purpose

§1 The board members and general members of the Chamorro Club, in accordance with all RIO (Registered Independent Organization) policies, declare the following main objectives:

1. To provide an environment that is suitable for the transition process for incoming or transfer students from Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands as well as individuals with ties to the Mariana Islands.

2. To interact with previous residents as well as visitors of any Mariana Island who are either currently residing on the island of Oahu or are visiting from abroad.

3. To invite, inform and educate all members of the University of Hawaii community of the language and culture of the Chamorro people -- the indigenous inhabitants of the Mariana Islands, as well as the cultures of the neighboring Micronesian and Pacific/Asian communities.

4. To inform students of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands of issues affecting their island homes or related matters that affect their living situation here in Hawaii.

5. To provide a “home away from home” environment through various cultural, social and political activities.

The Chamorro Club, in fulfilling the above mentioned objectives will abide by all established University of Hawaii policies.

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Article III: Membership

§1 Membership is open to all persons within the University of Hawaii school systems, students from non-UH affiliated learning institutions and independent persons who express interest in the culture and issues of the Mariana Islands. The Chamorro Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, religion, disabilities or sexual orientation.

§2 Membership is attained by completing a Chamorro Club application form. Membership is valid for one full academic school year, beginning in September of the fall semester and ending at the end of the spring semester.

§3 There are two types of membership: board and general. Board members have the opportunity to govern the activities of the club as well as oversee club committees. Within the board, members select four main officers. General members have the opportunity to participate in all club activities and committees. General members also participate in the election of board members.

Board membership is terminated/reinstated solely within the board. Impeachment or reinstatement of any board member must be approved by fifty percent plus one of all board members. General members who wish to terminate their membership do so at their own free will.

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Article IV: Officers

§1 Composition

There are a total of four main officers. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

§2 Qualifications

Any interested individual among the board is eligible for an officer position.

§3 Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of the president shall be to preside at all meetings of the organization, to enforce the constitution and rules of the organization, to decide questions of order, to call special meetings and to provide availability to any member in need of assistance.

The duties of the vice-president shall be to preside at all meetings in the absence of the president, to assist the president in his/her duties, to oversee and assist all committees and to provide availability to any member in need of assistance.

The duties of the secretary shall be to record minutes of meetings, to take roll at all board meetings and to handle correspondence.

The duties of the treasurer shall be to collect moneys from all committees, to maintain financial records and to report financial information to the organization at all meetings.

§4 Term of Office

The position of each officer is valid for one full academic school year, beginning in Fall and ending in Spring.

§5 Removal

Removal and recalling of officers is approved through a fifty percent plus one vote by the board members.

§6 Vacancy

In the event of vacancy where an officer is removed, the following successions will occur:

1. At the vacancy of the president, the vice-president will assume the title.

2. At the vacancy of other officer positions, interested board members are voted in through a special election.

Resigned or recalled officers will assume board membership but will not assume previous title.

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Article V: Executive Board

§1 Composition

The executive board will consist of a maximum of fifteen elected board members. The board members will consist of the four executive officers as well as the remaining board members.

§2 Powers and Duties

The executive board will be empowered to chair the committees. The four executive officers will not be allowed to chair any committee, however they may co-chair any committee voluntarily.

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Article VI: Committees

§1 The following committees are necessary for the effective function of this organization:

1.) Social/Sports 2.) Cultural 3.) Fundraising 4.) Historian 5.) Membership 6.) 7.) Political Awareness 8.) Public Relations 9.) Publicity 10.) Social/Sports

§2 Each committee shall perform each of the following duties:

1.) Social/Sports: To ensure the availability of all necessary resources at all all social and sports activities at relevant club events.

2.) Cultural: To organize and provide cultural awareness activities at every club function.

3.) Fundraising: To organize activities where funds can be raised for the club.

4.) Historian: To collect and organize visual evidence of all club activities.

5.) Membership: To maintain club roster and to handle all affairs dealing with all club members.

6.) Political Awareness: To make all club members aware of all political and government issues affecting Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, as well as political issues that affect their living situation here in Hawaii.

7.) Public Relations: To contact all individuals outside of the organization who express interest in interaction with the club. To advertise all club activities to all UH system schools as well as non-UH affiliated institutions that express interest in the club.

§3 Committee Chairs

Committee chairs will be elected by all board members. Chair position are valid for one full academic school year, beginning in fall and ending after the spring semester.

§4 Special Committees

Special committees will be designated by the executive board if the need arises.

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Article VII: Elections

§1 Nomination

Officers will be nominated openly by the executive board. Executive board members are also eligible to volunteer for officer positions. Executive board members will be nominated openly by all general members. All current members are eligible to run for an executive board position.

§2 Eligibility

All executive board members are eligible for an officer position. All general members are eligible for an executive board position.

§3 Voting

Officers will be elected by the newly elected executive board the second week of September during the fall semester. The election of officers will be conducted through a secret ballot. Executive board members will be elected the final week of April during the spring semester. The election of executive board members will be conducted through an open meeting.

§4 Installation

Executive officers will assume office immediately after elections. Executive board members will assume office on September 1 of each fall semester.

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Article VIII: Meetings

§1 Time and Place

General assembly meetings will occur at a minimum of four times throughout the academic year -- at the start and end of each semester. Executive board member meetings will occur twice a month.

§2 Quorum

General assembly meetings will not require a quorum. Executive board meetings must have 2/3 of the board members present to occur.

§3 Voting

All major actions of the club and executive board will be conducted through open voting. For a motion to pass, there must be a fifty percent plus one majority ruling in favor of the action.

§4 Order of Business

The following agenda will be used at all executive board and general assembly meetings at the discretion of the president:

a.) Call to Order b.) Roll Call c.) Minutes of Previous Meeting d.) Officer Reports e.) Committee Reports f.) Old Business g.) New Business h.) Privilege of the Floor i.) Adjournment

§5 Parliamentary Authority

Parliamentary authority shall be derived from Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised for decisions related to budget, officer elections and constitution revision. All other decisions shall be by consensus.

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Article IX: Finances

§1 Dues

An initial dues amount of $5.00 will be collected at the beginning of each academic school year at the first general assembly meeting. Dues are collected by the membership committee who in turn gives it to the treasurer.

§2 Budget

All committees must submit to the Fundraising committee a request for funds form two weeks in advance of the activity. Once the budget is presented to the board, approval will be granted provided the executive board comes to a consensus.

§3 Disbursements

The signatures of the president, treasurer and advisor are required for the expense of funds.

§4 Audits

The fundraising committee and the treasurer are responsible for auditing and double-checking all expenditures of the organization. This will be done the first week of January during the spring semester.

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Article X: Amendments

§1 Initiation

Proposals for amendments to the constitution can only be initiated by executive board members. Proposals can be made either orally or in writing at executive board members.

§2 Voting

The executive board will vote on the proposed amendment at the next executive meeting. Voting will take place at an open meeting where 2/3 of the executive board vote in favor of the amendment.

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