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Program Improvement Plan

UH Mānoa Children’s Center
Program Improvement Plan

Feedback from NAEYC survey, UHMCC survey, focus group, staff meetings, and PATH board meeting.

Caring for Children
This year at UHMCC, we intend to focus on intentional teaching pedagogy, relationship interactions, science, nature education, and a healthy development focus (more active, more healthy food choices).

We intend to actively evaluate and improve (always) culture sensitivity, activities, and cultural curriculum development opportunities for families and staff.

New staff orientation to include examples of long term curriculum projects/philosophy at UHMCC.

Caring for Families
This year at UHMCC we intend to focus on family involvement opportunities and continued parent education opportunities on a variety of topics (CCAMPIS requirement).

Need to improve on our communication with current and prospective parents, and visitors through website, email list serve, posted newsletters and documentation. We will continue our linkage with UH Student Parents At Manoa, College of Education, and other relevant agencies.

PATH will continue to serve an active role in our interface with families. Will share the intern project from Fall as to families needs and center communication methods.

Caring for Staff
This year at UHMCC we must focus on improved Orientation and evaluation for new employees, student workers, volunteers, and interns.

Will also continue to improve upon professional development opportunities and professional development plans for each staff. HAEYC state conference is an opportunity for staff to collaborate on presenting workshops together. Continue to support staff to attend college classes, workshops and conferences (NAEYC in D.C. this year).

Will emphasize clear communication and nurturing for staff as we go through the NAEYC re-accreditation process (documentation and observation).

NAEYC accreditation observation will be occurring in March 9-23, 2018. Program and classroom portfolios to be completed, updated, and maintained.

Sustainability philosophy implementation. We’ve been working on it for years, it will be a priority this year. We will work with the campus, families, and find resources so we can be systemic and so we can educate staff, children and families.

Review healthy food policy, better communication with families and implementation for birthday celebrations, potlucks, and classroom cooking projects.

Caring for the place(s)
Big House
Focus on the playground. Issues include: Safety, Aesthetics, Play value, Appropriate Risk, Choices, Development Needs and Skills of children (age variety).

Nature education continues. Make more direct ties to the school gardens, Ahupua’a and sustainability projects.

Indoor spaces: Cleaning, Repairing and Maintenance, Play value, and supplies.

Noelani needs: Playground development (weather, safety, choices), shared facility.

Kūhiõ needs: Sand

Program Improvement Staff Comments 2017-2018 

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