Poni (2′s)


Andrea Hill
Poni Class, 2′s

Andrea has called O‘ahu her home for all her life, and if asked for directions is known to say, “I know landmarks, not street names. But you can’t get lost on an island — just take the scenic route!” Andrea is passionate about her friends, family, and extended family at the Children’s Center, where she has worked since 1998, most recently at the Little House where she enjoys every minute of her time with Honua. Andrea and her other family — her husband, James, and daughter Ashley — love spending time on their boat in Kaneohe Bay. Andrea earned a BA in Sociology from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa while also doing coursework in Early Childhood Education.
Micah Cabalo
Poni Class, 2′s

Before becoming one of the teachers in Poni class, Micah was previously a student assistant and substitute teacher at UHMCC for over 3 years. While at the Children’s Center, he earned a BS in Family Resources, while also taking classes in Early Childhood Education. He finds it rewarding to see the children grow as individuals while they are here. When not in the classroom he enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, going to the beach and especially going fishing.

Curriculum FocusWe Learn Through Play!


RoutinesPoni Flow of the Day
Most children thrive on a more stable routine. This allows them to anticipate what will happen and helps to lesson the anxiety on the unknown. Micah and I have been tweaking our spring semester schedule in order to make the day and larger transitions as smooth as possible. Please take a close look at our updated schedule so you may make an informed decision on your child’s drop offs and pick-ups. Schedule on any given day may be flexible in order to accommodate a group of 2 year olds.
Poni Class Flow of the Day
8:00-9:00 Indoor play
(Highlights on special indoor activities)
9:00-9:30Morning snack
9:30-10:30Outdoor play
(Highlights on special outdoor activities)
10:45-11:00Circle Time
(Highlights on singing, movement & discussions on topics of the day)
Quiet Reading
12:00-2:00 Naptime
(as children wake up)
Afternoon snack
Indoor play
3:30-4:45Outdoor play
5:00 Goodbyes
School Closes


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