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Tuahine (4’s & 5’s)

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enaEna Reelitz
Tuahine Class Teacher, 4's & 5's

Ena was born, raised, and is still living in Kaneohe with his family. He graduated from Kamehameha in 1999 and has worked with children since. He has worked at the Alani Children's Center on the Kapiolani Community College campus for the past 15 years. As a student aide and then a teachers assistant at Alani, he achieved a Bachelors in Sociology from UH Manoa with additional credits in Early Childhood education from Honolulu Community College. He has been the lead teacher in the lab preschool classroom at Alani for the past 5 years. He joins UHMCC looking to grow as a teacher and to be a part of a larger family of enthusiastic educators.
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Tuahine Class Teacher, 4's & 5's

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