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avis profile picAvis Seki
UHMCC @ Noelani site, multi-age

Avis enjoys working with young children "because they remind us to live life to its fullest, to love unconditionally, and to laugh each and every day." Outside of the classroom, Avis likes to craft, shop, and go to movies. Avis earned a BEd in Elementary Education from University of Hawai'i.
shelley profile picShelley Yorita
UHMCC @ Noelani site, multi-age

"When working with children, I strive to keep everything simple, meaningful, intentional and fun!" Shelley loves Indian food, bean burritos, growing food to eat and watching the clouds roll by. Shelley earned a Masters in Education from University of Hawai'i, Mānoa.



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Our Noelani classroom is a mixed aged group (ages 3-5) of up to 15 children. The classroom partners with the SPED DOE children of Noelani Elementary School.

Our classroom phone number is (808) 492-8677
Our classroom is located at Noelani Elementary School in Mānoa.

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Noelani Class Flow of the Day
8:00School Opens
Outdoor Play
9:30Snack Outside
9:45Morning Circle
10:00Indoor Play
12:00Bathroom Routine
Indoor Play
3:45Afternoon Circle
4:00Outdoor Play
5:00School Closes
These times are approximate, as the schedule will flex to accommodate the child’s needs and interests.
Noelani Curriculum
“I’m in the Noelani Class”
Fall 2014
Review & Preview: Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2014
Learning and growing is a dynamic process that requires the intricate weaving of time, space, opportunities, experiences, possibilities, wonderment, risk taking, relationships, connections, and joy!

As we embark on our journey together, we begin our fall curriculum entitled, “I’m in the Noelani Class.” It encompasses three simple, yet important concepts that will help our children develop a sense of connection to a new learning environment, comfort in trying new experiences to grow on and building new friendships. These three major concepts are:

• I’m safe here

Helping children say “goodbye” as they separate from their parents or as they transition from one class to another can be a mighty “big step.” Providing them with the time to build trusting relationships with other children and adults will help them feel a sense of comfort as they settle into a new space.

• I belong here

There are many avenues for the children to gain a sense of belonging: having their own personal spaces such as cubbies, art files, as well as opportunities to play independently, in a small or large group, and eating and resting together. At circle time, we will sing Friend’s name songs to get to know each other. We will venture out into our newly designed learning environment enriched with: musical instruments, writing implements, a variety of books, a shelf filled with wooden blocks to build with, lots of science toys to tinker with, baskets full of manipulatives, a variety of puzzles and a dramatic play area to set their imaginations free! The children will begin to feel that this is “their place” as they have fun learning about the world around them here at school.

• This is what I do in the Noelani Class

The children will explore, wonder and make discoveries through daily routines, as well as planned and spontaneous experiences. They will have mega opportunities to develop new skills and abilities in these meaningful growing moments. These hands-on activities, materials and newly designed space provide our Noelani Friends with opportunities to explore and creatively express themselves in many disciplines. As they manipulate the materials, they develop eye-hand coordination, inquiry and math skills. Through interactions, they develop social skills, language and a sense of self as they make connections to others and their world in a fun and meaningful way. As we observe the children at play, we will take careful note of their growing interests and needs in the dynamic design of the curriculum.

We welcome you to join us in our “Good Times” together!
While on a walk we saw this huge tree! Just as the wind blew, a few tiny pine cones dropped to the ground. The children quickly began to collect them and brought them back to school to show their friends.
Enjoy this week's review and preview...Enjoy this week's review and preview...

Last week…
Over on the mats, Rhys, Emika and Masachika noticed a baby roach walking along the grass. Emika said, “That bug is looking for his home.” Rhys said, “Yeah.” Masa pointed to the bug and watched it walk by. Avienda came over to join them and said, ”Let’s make a house for him.” She gathered some grass and made a small mountain. The roach crawled under it. Avienda told the friends to leave it alone and they went off to play. On the climbing structure Daniel and Sammy pretended to be pirates on a ship. They called out, “Anyone want to come on the ship!” Jake and Evan responded yes! They quickly climbed aboard and imagined spotting another ship nearby. In the sandbox Paige, and Jade were busy pretending to be chefs. They made everything from soups to salads and were eager to share their delicious food to anyone who wanted a taste. Samson used the truck in the sandbox and created tire tracks as he drove it all around, making the sound of a large dump truck hauling a heavy load. Morten enjoyed the excavator, scooping and moving the sand from one place to another.

The trampoline continues to be a popular place to be as Skayboy and Brevan took turns jumping. Irena, Lucia and Sloane created beautiful drawings at the writing table outside. They drew rainbows, flowers, friends and families. In the afternoon, James discovered the large foam alphabets outside and explored with them under the tent. He called out each letter as he took them out of the box.

At circle some friends sang "One, Two Buckle My Shoe", some did a movement song called "One Grey Elephant" and as always we sang songs requested by the children. We continued to feature Space Mud as the children enjoyed exploring with it. Hayden noticed the space mud was a different color, not white but yellow! The children used the tools added to manipulate the material and created everything from triangle shapes to a variety of foods. The inventor’s workshop table was popular once again. Music shakers, treasure bottles, airplanes and necklaces were all created. If you have recycled items to donate to the inventor’s workshop please continue to bring them in!

It was a busy day at Ala Wai on Friday! The Kūhio friends came to visit and play with us! It was a fun-filled day seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Morten was excited to see Rio and Andrea was happy to see Shanda! Royce and Raymond’s group went to the library for a story then went on a walk. They used their map they created to guide their walk. Avis, Shelley and the Kūhio friends made some cool and refreshing shaved ice with lemon grass and mint syrup. Yum! Uncle Wayne stopped by and sang songs to us. It was indeed a great day!

This week…
Mrs. Egan will continue to do her Language and Math activities with the children. At the art table the children will be use craypas to create beautiful drawings on a recycled manila folder base, donated to us by Ala Wai. Evan inspires this activity, as he noticed the craypas in the box and wanted to draw with the bright colors. We will have coffee grounds to play with at the sensory table. Emika enjoyed using it at Ala Wai and when it was time to put it away she said, “Can I do it again at my school?” Outdoors, easel painting will be available once again as requested by Rhys. He saw the easel and paints in the shed and said, “I want to paint more.” Drawing will be available at the table as requested by Hayden. He said, "I’m going to draw more Angry Birds outside!" Books will be available at the table. Sammy requested to read all of the alphabet books.

At Ala Wai this Friday, Avis and Shelley’s group will be cooking a stir fry dish using the eggplants from their garden as requested by an Ala Wai friend. The children noticed the eggplant growing outside and asked Shelley, “What is that?” Shelley told them what it was and suggested they cook with it. The Ala Wai friends will harvest eggplants from their garden and prepare it for our cooking activity. Raymond and Royce’s group will venture off on a walk right after listening to a story in the school library. We look forward to hearing about their stories upon their return.

Raymond’s Blog on the outdoors…

The class is ready to start planting. We weeded out the planter box and, well, we haven't made any definite plans on what to plant, we do know it will be a food source. To prepare us a little more, we will start with the germination process using beans in a damp paper towel or cotton balls. We will transfer them into the planter box for further growth as we observe the process. As we expand our knowledge of plants, process and inferences of creating a garden we will add these words and knowledge to our alphabets that we are creating. There is a new space to explore on the playground. There is a purple cloth hanging on the fence that has already been used for so many new games. It allows the imaginations to flow and many children to gather.
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