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Holo Holo CSA Bags

produce-bagJoin the bi-weekly Holo Holo bag local produce delivery! Fresh local, sustainable vegetables, fruit and add-ons like tofu, cheese, bread and meat, brought to UHMCC every other Wednesday.

Holo Holo General Store will bring us a selection of the freshest island produce directly from the North Shore Farms and Children’s Center will benefit by receiving 10% of the proceeds for each bag purchased. It’s a healthy fundraiser geared towards helping our school, farmers, keiki, local economy and environment. Our requirement is simply to have at least 10 subscribers sign up for each bi-weekly delivery.

Schedule & Logistics Details:

  • You will choose to receive your subscription BI-WEEKLY and select UH Children’s Center as the drop-site when setting up your account.
  • The bags used for delivery are reused each week, so please remember to bring back your bag to the office before the next delivery so it can be refilled.
  • Pick-up is essential! There are no refunds or replacements for unclaimed subscriptions. We will try to store them if there is room, however there is no guarantee and unclaimed bags may be used by classrooms. (We will call you first).

Holo Holo General Store

  • Sign up on Holo Holo’s website.
  • Choose the size that best fits your needs. You may add extra items (fresh bread, local eggs, honey, etc.) to your delivery.
  • Enter “UH Mānoa Children’s Center” for your drop-off location. (Delivery to our school is every other Wednesday. Please make sure to p/u on delivery days and return the empty bag for the next delivery day)
  • Attached is the delivery calendar through the end of this year. You may also use coupon code: 2017-18 for $5 off your first order. Again, we thank you for your continued support of local farms and your school community. Please call Holo Holo if you have any questions at (808) 675-6572.


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