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Past Parent Workshops (Resources)

Parent Workshops By Date (click on year to view more) with Resources & Handouts 


Parent Workshops By Category

Gardening, Nature, Sustainability, Health Child Development, Learning & Parents Transition to Kindergarten
Sustainability Workshop Photos – February 9, 2013Positive Gender Identity and Body Awareness – March 13, 2013Early September: Kindergarten Application Process: Hawai‘i Association for Independent Schools (HAIS)
Healthy Cooking For Busy Parents – March 6, 2013Talk Less, Get More: Listening Techniques for Parents with Young Children – October 29, 2013Mid-September: Applying for Kindergarten
Container Gardening & Farm to Keiki Workshop – October 25, 2013Healthy Sexual Development and Gender Identity – February 27, 2014February: Kindergarten Geographic Exemptions
Container Gardening – October 25, 2013Responsible Uses of Media (Digital Technology) for Young Children – September 24, 2014April: The Kindergarten Transition Process: Getting Families Ready ; Tips for Parents on Kindergarten Transition
Healthy Meal Preparation For Busy Families – April 29, 2014Healthy Activities and Strategies for Busy Parents – October 14, 2014
Intro to Freezer Meals - November 4, 2015Healthy Sexual Development (Session I) – January 28, 2015
Enhancing your Physical Wellness through Nutrition and Exercise - Dec. 1, 2015Healthy Sexual Development (Session II) – February 11, 2015
Healthy Families Part 2: Exercise and Nutrition for Planning for Busy Parents - March 8, 2016Preschool and Toddler Language Development - March 3, 2015
Your Choice – Bilingual or Monolingual Educ.: A Round Table for Parents – April 30, 2015
Toddler Topics - September 1 & 18, 2015
Children & Marketing - October 14, 2015
Growing up with Many Languages: Strategies for Multi-Lingual Families – January 14, 2016
Toddler Topics - September 14, 2016
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