Ways To Support UHMCC

Ways to Support UHMCC:

Tax-deductible donations
All monetary donations to the Children’s Center are handled by the UH Foundation. It is very easy to donate online or to send a check.

Office Depot / Office Max

UHMCC will benefit by receiving 5% back in credits for school supplies.  UHMCC’s school ID number is 70240522

Labels for Education: 
Save your labels to earn points for our school. Learn More (zipcode lookup: 96822 name: UH Mānoa Children’s Center)

Scholastic Books:
Order books online and earn free books for our school.  UHMCC Friends & Families can place orders online.  Free shipping when orders are $30 or more. Will be shipped & can be picked up at our center.
Browse books & order online at: Scholastic Book Clubs
UHMCC’s Class Activation Code: H44ZK

Online ordering instructions
  • Go to Scholastic Book Clubs, click on the “sign in now” (for returning users) or “Connect with your teacher” (for new users).
  • Enter H44ZK for UHMCC’s Class Activation code.
  • Browse books & put items in your cart. When you’re ready to checkout, go to your cart and sign-in or sign-up w/your email address.
  • Submit payment online. Confirmation email will be sent to your email address & our school.  Estimated delivery time to Hawaii is around 10 days from when our order is finalized. Books will be delivered to our center (to your child’s classroom) or can be picked up in our office.
  • Please see Kara if you have any questions.

Amazon Smile

  • Use this link, sign-in and add Friends of UH Mānoa Children’s Center as your charity. Note: It’s helpful to bookmark smile.amazon.com for easy shopping. Complete directions here.
  • Uncle Wayne playing music after school

    Aloha UHMCC parents,

    Everyday I hear you sing the praises of the teachers and the program at the Children’s Center. Everyday you see the passion, creativity and love that the teachers bring to the job of caring and educating your children. In my 40 + year career I have never worked with a more knowledgable, dedicated and caring group of educators.

    The inclusive and dynamic learning environment creatives by this wonderfully diverse group of teachers is a result of many factors. We need your help in making sure that two of the primary factors that contribute to the success of our program are fully supported, teacher professional development and teacher resources.

    We have a small budget for both of these things in our regular operating budget. However, in order to maintain the high quality of our program, both of these factors need additional support.

    Because our approach to early childhood education involves real hands-on experiences, we use lots of consumable materials, we go on lots of trips and we are constantly in need of replacing and adding to our learning toys. The seemingly little costs associated with gardening, cooking, building, nature education, making music, creating and exploring add up quickly. We need your help in funding teacher resources.

    Although many of our teachers engage in graduate study at UH as part of their professional development, it is also important that they have access to national and international conferences and seminars. This involves funding for registration fees, travel, lodging and food. Years ago when we began this major professional development effort $1,200 (with each teacher covering some of the costs) would almost cover all the expenses of attending a national conference. Today those costs have almost doubled. It is our goal to send at least six teachers to a conference every year in order to keep new and innovative ideas and theories coming into the mix and to share with others the exciting things going on at the Children’s Center. We need your help funding teacher professional development.


    Wayne Watkins, former UHMCC Director