CIS Alumni

The CIS program has had an international impact as evidenced by the placement of graduates in various positions around the world. Graduates are faculty or are in industry positions in Australia, German, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, and Taiwan, as well as organizations throughout the United States.

Slightly more CIS graduates go into education or university administration than into other careers, though the numbers are fairly close. CIS graduates are somewhat equally distributed among Hawai‘i, mainland and international locations. Their positions include 21 Assistant, Associate or Full Professors, and four high-level university administrators (Dean, Director, VP). There are also eight Instructors and a few professionals (such as librarians) in the education sector. Five of the industry positions are at the President/CEO/VP level, and four have lead research and development positions such as Senior Researcher or Principal Engineer.

CIS Alumni

Kaveh Abhari

Principal Investigator Center on Disability Studies

Interests: - Collaborative Learning and Innovation Networks - Social Innovation and New product Development - Actor Behavior and Experience Management


CIS PhD Dissertation: Modeling Actor Behavior in Collaborative Innovation Network: The Case of Social (New) Product Development

Salvatore Aurigemma

Assistant Professor School of Accounting and MIS, University of Tulsa

Interests: My research interest lies in exploring why employees do and do not follow information system security policies. In the first case, how do the antecedents of policy compliance behavioral intent vary over a threat spectrum? Second, what are the factors an employee encounters that change positive intentions to actual non-compliance behavior? Research in this area requires an interdisciplinary approach that requires a deep understanding of information security risks, human-system interaction principles, and sociological and individual factors involved in the decision and action processes associated with policy compliance. While the topic is universally applicable, I am most interested in the context of United States Department of Defense organizations.

CIS PhD Dissertation: From the Weakest Link to the Best Defense: Exploring the Factors that Affect Employee Intention to Comply with Information Security Policies

Alexander Bergo

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: Researching Broadband Development in Hawaii using futures research methodologies. Using local expert knowledge to create a model for simulation of scenarios. Also kite surfing and stand up paddling.

CIS PhD Dissertation: Fostering the Creation of Futures Data and Simulating Subsequent Future Event and Trend Interactions: Early Identification of Opportunities and Threats for High-Speed Broadband Development in Hawaii

Jennifer L Campbell-Meier

Assistant Professor University of Alabama

Interests: Current position: Assistant Professor, The School of Library & Information Studies, University of Alabama. Dissertation: Case Studies on Institutional Repository Development: Creating narratives for project management and assessment

CIS PhD Dissertation: Case Studies on Institutional Repository Development: Creating Narratives for Project Management and Assessment

Ruobing Chi

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: I am interested in finding out how communication happens when it goes across (disciplinary and/or cultural) boundaries and why it happens in the ways it does. Network analysis is the major perspective that motivates my research in the contexts of citations (about “interdisciplinarity” using bibliographic data) and acculturation (about “interculturalness” using social network data of people going across cultures). This line of research not only investigates what is interdisciplinarity but also being interdisciplinary as it combines the constructs and theoretical models from various fields (communication, social informatics, and psychology). I hope that my studies will offer insightful understanding about how and why a communication channel is created between two different entities and what are the bridging effects and results. My future goal is to simulate and predict specific behavioral changes based on network structures.

CIS PhD Dissertation: From a Typological to Network Understanding of Acculturation

Kar-Hai Chu

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: I am studying the connection between the affordances of digital media and online user relationships, specifically their reinforcement and reification of each other. I have been analyzing user interactions from two online communities, disCourse and Tapped In. I use several different methods of study, mainly social network analysis and exploratory sequential data analysis. I apply different theoretical backgrounds in my research -- while SNA and ESDA are useful for manipulating data, interpretation of results requires a broader area. Social capital, actor-network theory, strength of network ties, and boundary spanning are other models that I have used to help understand how all of my data fits together.

CIS PhD Dissertation: Exploring How Technology Mediates the Types of Relationships Formed in Sociotechnical Systems

Lisa Chuang

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: My research interests are in the area of intercultural nonverbal interaction in computer mediated communication (particularly Facebook). More specifically I’m examining communication accommodation (Giles) in intercultural interpretations of nonverbal behavior of high/low context individuals online in relation to intercultural competence. My preliminary research questions include: 1.How is nonverbal behavior demonstrated on Facebook? 2. To what extent does a participant’s cultural background or high or low context preference (Hall) influence their appropriation of nonverbal cues in Facebook? 3. Does a participant’s intercultural competence influence their nonverbal accommodation behavior? I will be looking at both chat and asynchronous postings on Facebook between Thais and Americans. The literature referenced in this study draws from journals of multiple disciplines including HCI, Anthropology, Communication Theory, Intercultural Communication, Computer Mediated Communication, CSCW, Psychology, and Educational Technology.

Patricia Donohue

Assistant Professor San Francisco State University

Interests: Assistant Professor, Department of Instructional Technologies, Graduate College of Education, San Francisco State University


CIS PhD Dissertation: Cooperative Groups in Practice: An Analysis of Affect and Productivity in Group Interactions

Richard Peyton Halverson
Jerome B. Heath
Michelle Ibanez

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: I’m interested in community informatics and the integration of knowledge systems. Specifically, I’m interested in the integration of western knowledge (tech) and indigenous knowledge (IKS) in the development process for cultural preservation (hybridization – leading to innovation and dynamic IKS).

CIS PhD Dissertation: Virtual Red Light Districts: Detecting Covert Networks and Sex Trafficking Circuits in the U.S.

Lotus Elizabeth Y. W Kam
Kathleen Kihmm

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: The purpose of my dissertation proposal is to use the transtheoretical model to describe changes in behavior with a type 2 diabetic population when shown their digital retinal images and given access to a personal health portal (PHP) website. The PHP allows the patients to remotely view their retinal images and other related health educational information on their own time. Participants are currently being recruited from the Waianae Comprehensive Health Center on the west side of Oahu. The following methods are being used to collect data: visit 1(baseline) – surveys completed, retinas imaged, patient shown the patient portal and educational site, printouts also given; visit 2 (1-2 months later from baseline) – surveys complete; Visit 3 (3-4 months later from baseline)– surveys completed, focus group/group interview performed for further inquiry. This proposal incorporates the fields of medical informatics (teleretinal imaging, electronic records), communications (teleretinal imaging, Internet portal), and public health (transtheoretical model and behavior change).

CIS PhD Dissertation: The Digital Divide and Health Outcomes: A Teleretinal Imaging Study

Laurel King

Program Manager

Interests: Completed PhD in Dec. 2009. Currently working on State projects developing sensor networks for protection and security of critical infrastructure.


CIS PhD Dissertation: The Influence of Individual Differences on Diagrammatic Communication and Problem Representation

David K. Lassner

Interim President, Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer The University of Hawai`i System


CIS PhD Dissertation: Global telecommunications standardization in transition : impacts on Southeast Asia

Viil Lid

Interests: Dissertation research focuses on the development of key information sharing roles in sociotechnical networks, utilizing structural signatures and longitudinal social network analysis investigating membership trajectories in an online community of practice over seven years. Also involved in research on cell phone-based expert systems for health behavioral change. Interested in interdisciplinary research related to the areas of sociotechnical networks; communication in communities and organizations; roles and identity; computer supported communication, collaboration, and learning; information and communication technology management; human computer interaction; multimedia; behavioral change; telemedicine; mobile and ubiquitous computing; and augmented reality.


CIS PhD Dissertation: Investigating the Evolution of Key Member Roles in Socio-Technical Networks: Introducing the Composite Role Framework

Margaret Luo
Johannes Meier

Founder and Managing Director, Xi GmbH


CIS PhD Dissertation: A Formal analysis of costs and benefits of interorganizational systems

Thayanan Phuaphanthong

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: I study how complex adaptive systems like interorganizational information systems (IOIS) emerge, evolve, and coevolve with various social institutions and communities both at local and global level that develop, regulate, use, and change them. Departing from the current research paradigm on IOIS emergence and evolution which primarily focuses at the macro level, I put a spotlight on the smallest elements that constitute the existence of IOIS, i.e., "meme" - a term coined by Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, to refer to information, knowledge, and ideas that serve as a unit of cultural transmission. With a meme-centered view, I propose an alternative explanation for IOIS emergence and evolution. My work is inspired by Lamarck’s theory of acquired characteristics and inheritance and Darwin’s theory of natural selection.


CIS PhD Dissertation: A Memetic Theory of Interorganizational Information Systems (IOIS) Emergence and Evolution: A Longitudinal Case Study of IOIS for Trade Facilitation

Shakti S. Rana

professor at Kathmandu University School of Management

Interests: Information Technology & Systems, Quantitative Methods


CIS PhD Dissertation: Product development model : case study of high definition television

John Lee Reardon

Instructor, Department of Information Technology Management


CIS PhD Dissertation: A Study of the Assimilation of Electronic Medical Records by Independent Physician Practices

Matthew James Sharritt

President, Situated Research

Interests: Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D., President and Co-founder of Situated Research, specializes in user-experience (UX) research and usability testing within software and video games. Dr. Sharritt is a graduate of the interdisciplinary Communication & Information Sciences Ph.D. program (specializing in communication, computer and information science, human-computer interaction and IT management) and the Information and Computer Sciences M.S. at the University of Hawai‘i, where he served as a teaching assistant. Prior, he was webmaster at Time Warner Telecom while earning his B.S. at Marquette University in Computer Engineering. His research examines ways of maximizing self-efficacy, fun, and flow through the design of engaging technologies: describing how learning in games can occur through playtesting and exploration. You can read more about Dr. Sharritt and his research at his personal website,


CIS PhD Dissertation: Students’ Use of Social and Cognitive Affordances in Video Game Play Within Educational Contexts: Implications for Learning

Rajib Subba

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: Formal organizations get institutionalized through different processes and so does virtual organizations. Much of the literature on coordination and governance has focused on virtual teams, and members of these teams typically belong to an organization (e.g., employees of a geographically dispersed organization), or they are bound by a well-defined contractual arrangement, likely one with highly structured and well-articulated standard operating procedures. However what happens when actors are widely distributed ephemeral non-binding virtual communities who interact through Social networking sites? How do they institutionalize their organization to sustain their group objectives in the long run? How institutional environment influences governance structures and how decision-making is reproduced in such organization? How institutional carriers, including IT artifacts, influence these online environments? Knowledge gained from such studies is expected to help law enforcing agencies to understand and help control anti-social behavior (e.g. cyberhate) particularly in crisis situations. My research interest is interdisciplinary as it is focused on netizens behaviors on social media during the time of crises, which encompasses several research domains including information management, communication and sociology.


CIS PhD Dissertation: The Institutionalization Process of Non-Binding Virtual Communities: A Case Study of Haiti Earthquake Response Facebook Groups

Dadong Wan

Researcher, Accenture Technology Labs

Interests: My research focuses on ubiquitous commerce, situated computing, and computer augmentation to human intelligence. More specifically, I'm keen on exploring means for bridging the gap between the physical world and the virtual world, and on inventing new ways for bridging the gaps between people's intention, commitment, and action. My passion lies in creating new ways of doing things through technology rather than in devising incremental solutions.


CIS PhD Dissertation: CLARE : a computer-supported collaborative learning environment based on the thematic structure of scientific text

Xiaobo Wang
Sonja Wiley-Patton

Department of ISDS - Assistant Professor Louisiana State University

Interests: Teaching Interest: Management of information systems, Electronic commerce, Medical informatics, Technology adoption, Human computer interaction; Organizational impacts, Health care and medical informatics


CIS PhD Dissertation: A Test of the Extended Technology Acceptance Model for Understanding the Internet Adoption Behavior of Physicians

Jenifer Sunrise Winter

Associate Professor School of Communications, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: My research examines how increased instrumentation and tracking of natural and social processes (e.g., the Internet of Things) enable the construction of unique data profiles that may expose personal information that could be used by corporations or governments to disadvantage certain individuals or groups. I study how these developments may create unjust power differentials used by one group to diminish the opportunities of another, threaten to destroy anonymity when engaging in public affairs, and hinder public participation in democratic discourse. I am also interested in open data, in particular how it can be harnessed for the public good, while minimizing the risks of re-identification of personal data. A related area of research focuses on communication rights (for example, issues of censorship, and whether access to broadband should be considered a human right).
Keywords: Data and discrimination; digital inequalities; emerging technologies; big data; Internet of Things; Ubiquitous Computing; privacy and surveillance; open data and civic engagement; Ubiquitous Computing; futures studies; communication policy.


CIS PhD Dissertation: Early identification and evaluation of slowly emerging problems related to the ubiquitous networked computing & communications environment in the State of Hawaii

Matthew L. Yim

Lisa Yoda

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: My dissertation is entitled "Towards an Understanding of College Women’s Decision-making regarding the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine" and three sets of research questions address the roles of knowledge, barriers & opportunity, and affect in college women’s HPV vaccine uptake decision-making. Data came from UH Manoa’s female students during Fall of 2010, which were collected via a secured anonymous self-administered online survey. This research study was formulated upon a framework that integrates health communication theories and information behavior theory, encompassing multiple fields of science such as social, behavioral, information and public health sciences.

CIS PhD Dissertation: Toward an Understanding of College Women's Decision-Making Regarding the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine