Ruobing Chi

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: I am interested in finding out how communication happens when it goes across (disciplinary and/or cultural) boundaries and why it happens in the ways it does. Network analysis is the major perspective that motivates my research in the contexts of citations (about “interdisciplinarity” using bibliographic data) and acculturation (about “interculturalness” using social network data of people going across cultures). This line of research not only investigates what is interdisciplinarity but also being interdisciplinary as it combines the constructs and theoretical models from various fields (communication, social informatics, and psychology). I hope that my studies will offer insightful understanding about how and why a communication channel is created between two different entities and what are the bridging effects and results. My future goal is to simulate and predict specific behavioral changes based on network structures.

CIS PhD Dissertation: From a Typological to Network Understanding of Acculturation