Kathleen Kihmm

Communication and Information Sciences Program, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Interests: The purpose of my dissertation proposal is to use the transtheoretical model to describe changes in behavior with a type 2 diabetic population when shown their digital retinal images and given access to a personal health portal (PHP) website. The PHP allows the patients to remotely view their retinal images and other related health educational information on their own time. Participants are currently being recruited from the Waianae Comprehensive Health Center on the west side of Oahu. The following methods are being used to collect data: visit 1(baseline) surveys completed, retinas imaged, patient shown the patient portal and educational site, printouts also given; visit 2 (1-2 months later from baseline) surveys complete; Visit 3 (3-4 months later from baseline) surveys completed, focus group/group interview performed for further inquiry. This proposal incorporates the fields of medical informatics (teleretinal imaging, electronic records), communications (teleretinal imaging, Internet portal), and public health (transtheoretical model and behavior change).

CIS PhD Dissertation: The Digital Divide and Health Outcomes: A Teleretinal Imaging Study