Matthew James Sharritt

President, Situated Research

Interests: Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D., President and Co-founder of Situated Research, specializes in user-experience (UX) research and usability testing within software and video games. Dr. Sharritt is a graduate of the interdisciplinary Communication & Information Sciences Ph.D. program (specializing in communication, computer and information science, human-computer interaction and IT management) and the Information and Computer Sciences M.S. at the University of Hawai‘i, where he served as a teaching assistant. Prior, he was webmaster at Time Warner Telecom while earning his B.S. at Marquette University in Computer Engineering. His research examines ways of maximizing self-efficacy, fun, and flow through the design of engaging technologies: describing how learning in games can occur through playtesting and exploration. You can read more about Dr. Sharritt and his research at his personal website,


CIS PhD Dissertation: Students’ Use of Social and Cognitive Affordances in Video Game Play Within Educational Contexts: Implications for Learning