Resources for the CIS Community

Mailing Lists

There are various mailing lists to reach different groups within the program.

  • cis-chair @ lists dot hawaii dot edu
  • cis-students @ lists dot hawaii dot edu
  • cis-faculty @ lists dot hawaii dot edu
  • cis-alumni @ lists dot hawaii dot edu
  • cis-program @ lists dot hawaii dot edu (includes the above lists, as well as retired faculty and members of the CIS community, broadly construed). Please use this list only for announcements of general interest.
  • With the exception of the cis-chair address, only people who are already on the lists can send emails to them. Contact the chair if you think you should have access to any of the mailing lists.

    Graduate Student Office

    Students in the CIS PhD program have access to an office inside the Library and Information Science suite in the basement of Hamilton Library.

    Library Resources

    Library resources for CIS courses and the Comprehensive Examinations are available through the Communication and Information Sciences Subject Page at Hamilton Library's website.

    Library study rooms and hours.

    Graduate Division Forms

    Students must submit forms to the Graduate Records office upon the completion of milestones, such as proposal defense and dissertation defense. The most current version of these forms may be obtained from the Graduate Division website.

    Research on Human Subjects

    Information on how to conduct research using human subjects, and the form needed to submit to Graduate Division, are available from the UH Committee on Human Studies at:

    WiFi information

    Instructions for UMH wireless network passthrough. It allows you to move through UMH buildings without need to log in to WiFi every time.

    International Students

    More information for international students visa and heath insurance requirements is available at the webpage of International Student Services office.