Astro/Bio/Medical Informatics


Kim Binsted is the principal investigator of the Hawaiʻi Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) Mars analog habitat on the Big Island.

Rich Gazan applies computational methods and principles of computer supported collaboration to support, measure and catalyze interdisciplinary science, most recently as a Visiting Researcher at NASA Ames Research Center. 

Biomedical Informatics

Research on information technologies (IT) in healthcare covers topic such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and the use of IT for clinical images, simulations, diagnosis and treatments. CIS faculty currently working in this field include Nancy Reed

Guylaine Poisson and Kyungim Baek are principal investigators at the BiL - Bioinformatics Laboratory. BiL's main research projects are related to metagenomics simulation, assembly and annotation, as well as large-scale pathogens detections

Susanna Still's work in machine learning and information clustering is also applicable to this area.