CIS720 Seminar- Dr. Edoardo Biagioni on Peer-to-Peer network

Please join us for a talk by Dr. Edoardo Biagioni (aka “Edo”) of the ICS department on his research on peer-to-peer networks.  
Monday Sept 18, 4:30 – 5:30 Hamilton Library 3F

Networking for All (AllNet): networks by and for people

Electronic communication generally uses wires or fixed infrastructure.
However, most networking technology is also designed to support
peer-to-peer communications.  AllNet is a study in using such technology
to support communications both using but especially going beyond the
centralized network.

Like many networking technologies, AllNet benefits from network effects —
the network is designed to be most useful the more people use it.

After a brief technical overview to describe the accomplishments and
challenges to date, this talk focuses on the future potential of such
technology, particularly aiming to inspire creative ways of motivating
people to participate in the network.

The AllNet project can be found at