Information Systems and Services

Data Management
The data management field has become increasingly interdisciplinary. Among the CIS faculty working in this field are Luz Quiroga (information filtering) and Lipyeow Lim (ontologies, real-time data warehousing, and multi-core data processing). 

Learning Models and Information Literacy Instruction
Violet Harada focuses on how effective learning models are incorporated into guided instruction for 21st century information skills. She also studies how such models influence the implementation of professional development for adult learners working in K-12 school settings. 
History of Libraries
Andrew Wertheimer's research interests fall in the areas of information science, library history, and Japanese-American print culture. He is currently working on projects related to prewar and wartime Japanese American print culture, including community libraries in America’s Concentration Camps, in 1942-1946. In addition, he is researching the history of libraries in Hawaii, Asian American librarians, library and information sciences education, and the relationship between collection management and changes in publishing. 
Information Behaviors
Luz Quiroga directed the Information Research Lab, dedicated to studying information behavior, information literacy, affective computing, database design and digital libraries.