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  • CIS 720 Seminar- talk by Nalani Balutski on Indigenous Research Methodologies

    Please join us this Monday at 4:30 in HL 3F for the 3rd in a series of presentations on Indigenous Research Methodologies. The presentation will be by Nalani Balutski, who a Research Assessment Specialist at the School of Hawaiian Knowledge, UHM, and co-author of the article, “Kanaka ‘Ōiwi Methodologies”. More about our speaker is available on the following link: Many thanks to Keiki Meyers who has organized these presentations this spring!

  • Kelsea Hosoda’s article on Native Hawaiian Methodology

        CIS Ph.D. candidate Kelsea Hosoda writes about Native Hawaiian culture and it’s place in the scientific discourse in Hawaii Bussiness Magazine.     Papaku Makawalu is a methodology for teaching and understanding Hawaiian culture, including Hawaiian knowledge and values, and Kelsea shows examples of possible usage of this approach in different disciplines.    Read this inspiring article at the following link:   

  • Philipp Jordan’s research featured in MIT Technology Review

    The research by CIS Ph.D. candidate Philipp Jordan gets featured in MIT Technology Review article, the section dedicated to Emerging Technology from the arXiv.   The research by Jordan and his colleagues shows the way researchers involved in human-computer interaction use science fiction in their work.  For more information, please read the full article:   

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Manulani Aluli Meyer on Hawaiian Epistemology

    Dear CIS students and Faculty, Please join us for a talk by Dr. Manulani Aluli Meyer on Hawaiian Epistemology and its purpose for today. Where: Hamilton Library 3F When: Monday, March 12, 4:30 PM Please read more about our speaker and her expertise here.

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr Rajib Subba about his “life after PhD”

    Please join us on Monday, March 5th for a talk by our CIS Alum Rajib Subba. Rajib will talk about his “life after PhD” as a “pracademic” — a practitioner/academic. Rastavek, Carpe-Diem “Seize the Tweets” and Beyond This story will explore interplay between research and practices from a pracademic perspective. It’s a story about how dissertation topic was discovered and how that led to growth of knowledge, which ultimately help apply knowledge to practices. It will also include professional work experiences of utilizing ICTs including social media for crisis response during and after 2015 Nepal earthquake. You can find Dr. …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Julien Gorbach on Media History

    Please join us for a talk by Dr. Julien Gorbach on Monday, Feb 26 4:30 HL 3F “Media History: An Alternative Paradigm for Mass Comm Scholarship, With Examples From My Work.” “Mass communication graduate students are traditionally taught a social-science approach to scholarship. They learn theories, how to operationalize hypotheses with various quantitative methodologies, and alternative qualitative approaches. But media and journalism historians don’t embrace “theory,” and resist being situated along the qualitative/quantitative axis. Instead, we engage with what is known as historiography, which has its own rules and language. I’ll explain the basics of historiography and the major recent …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Keola Donaghy on Indigenous Research Methods

    Please join us on Monday, Feb 12, at 4:30 for a talk by Dr. Keola Donaghy on Indigenous Research Methods: Mele, Metaphor, and Memory: Exploring Hawaiian Conceptualizations Dr. Donahy will discuss the development of the “Ahupua‘a as Mele” metaphor as an example of a theoretical model based on a Hawaiian conceptualization that can be applied to mele and another model that breaks technology into different “domains” based on their use Keiki Meyer has provided two documents for us that I’ve loaded in CIS720 Laulima site. Please read before the seminar: TechInIndigenous Language Revitalization He Ahupua’a Ke Mele Bio: Dr. Donaghy …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Behind the scenes at HICSS (and other conferences) with Dr. Thayanan Phuaphanthong

    Please join us on Monday, Feb 5th at 4:30 in HL 3F for a talk by Dr. Thayanan Phuaphanthong. Thayanan is the Program Coordinator for the HICSS conference as well as a graduate of CIS. Recalling Dr. Oppegaard’s and others’ advice to “get involved” with conferences as you grow your academic career, Thayanan will give us a behind-the-scenes view of how the HICSS program comes together each year, the various roles, deadlines, differences between tracks, mini-tracks, symposia, etc. and opportunities together involved as reviewer, author, mini track chair and so on Thayanan recently accepted a full-time specialist role in Shider …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Brent Oppengaad in Research Agendas as Gardens

    Please join us Monday Jan 22 at 4:30 in Hamilton Library 3F for a talk by Dr. Brent Oppengaard, of the School of Communications.   Title:  A Research Agenda as a Garden: Tending Multiple Projects, Grants, Papers, etc., for Bearing Fruit   Description:    Academic work isn’t like a factory line; it’s more of a dynamic and ever-evolving garden. Seeds get planted. They get nurtured. Sprouts appear at unexpected times. Friends visit. Friends leave. Some things robustly emerge and blossom. Others wither and die. You are the planter. And the nourisher. You keep it all alive. Or not.    Come …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Stacia Garlach on her recent HICSS conference paper

    Please join us on Nov 27th for a talk by CIS PhD student Stacia Garlach on her recent conference paper (to HICSS) and her ongoing research towards her dissertation topic. See you in 3F Hamilton Library 4:30.   Title: ‘I’m supposed to see that?’ AdChoices Usability in the Mobile Environment Abstract: The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) recently adapted its self-regulatory notice-and-choice program to the mobile environment by creating a mobile version of its existing opt-out webpage and a new mobile app. Its AdChoices icon remains the primary means on the mobile Web of alerting consumers to the presence of behaviorally-targeted …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar with Ji Young Kim

    Please join us on Monday at 4:30 back in 3F, Hamilton Library, for a talk by Dr. Ji Young Kim of the School of Communications. Dr. Kim studies strategic communications, agenda setting, and framing and has been studying the implications of social media platforms in these areas, along with many other topics. You can learn more about her here: Looking forward to seeing you!

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Kim Binstead on HI-SEAS project

    Please join us on Monday for an update by Dr. Kim Binstead on her HI-SEAS project (Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation). See you at 4:30 in HL 3G (if the projector is working), 2K if it’s not — look for a room sign in HL basement.

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Preparing to Teach Online

    Please join us on Monday at 4:30, in Hamilton Library, room 3F, to hear the talk named: Preparing to Teach Online: Tips and tales from educators and instructional designers. This topic will be presented by CIS students and Ph.D. candidates: Pam Estell, Kelly Holden, Kelsea Hosoda, & Dean Lodes.

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Jennifer Beamer on Merging Science and Cyberinfrastructure Pathways

    Please join us on Monday to hear Jennifer’s talk on her summer internship project. 4:30 Hamilton Library 3F  I Know What You Did Last Summer: My Internship with the NSF Award#1541450,  Merging Science and Cyberinfrastructure Pathways Information ScIence Working Group.  Abstract: Whole Tale is a collaboration led by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in collaboration with partners at the University of Chicago, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Notre Dame.This past summer I was selected as the intern from 60 applicants to the NSF-funded project that will enable researchers to examine, …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Lipyeow Lim on Blockchain Applications beyond Cryptocurrency

    Please join us at 4:30 in HL 3F for a talk on Blockchain Applications by Dr. Lipyeow Lim of the ICS Department.   Blockchain is viewed as a revolutionary and transformation new IT — come learn about its possible application.   Title: Blockchain Applications beyond Cryptocurrency   Speaker: Dr. Lipyeow Lim, ICS Dept.   Abstract:   Blockchain technology has graduated from supporting cryptocurrency to many other fields. There is an explosion of blockchain proof-of-concepts in the financial sector and beyond. In this talk, we will NOT dive into the technical details of how blockchain works, we will, however, explore how …more

  • CIS720 Seminar- Dr. Edoardo Biagioni on Peer-to-Peer network

    Please join us for a talk by Dr. Edoardo Biagioni (aka “Edo”) of the ICS department on his research on peer-to-peer networks.     Monday Sept 18, 4:30 – 5:30 Hamilton Library 3F   Networking for All (AllNet): networks by and for people Electronic communication generally uses wires or fixed infrastructure. However, most networking technology is also designed to support peer-to-peer communications.  AllNet is a study in using such technology to support communications both using but especially going beyond the centralized network. Like many networking technologies, AllNet benefits from network effects — the network is designed to be most useful the …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Kathleen Luschek on Open Access and ORCID

    Please join us on Monday, September 11th at 4:30 PM in Hamilton Library to hear a talk on establishing academic identity via ORCID and on open access by Kathleen Luschek, who is an educational specialist, technical writer and a librarian specializing in scientific publications, working in Desktop Network Services department of Hamilton Library, University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Except for giving an overview of ORCID and its importance in the scholarly landscape, Kathleen will show some of its features, including creating a profile and how to import existing publications. Participants of the seminar are encouraged to bring their own devices, in case you are interested …more

  • CIS 720 Seminar- Conference Paper “Slam”

    Please join us for Monday’s CIS720 seminar on 8/28/2017 (Hamilton Library 3F at 4:40 PM). During this seminar several CIS students will present their experiences and accomplishments gained on the conferences they attended this year. The students who will be presenting in the spirit of “slam” (maximum 5 minutes each) are: Wiebke Reile- with the presentation Television Debate Response Network on Twitter: Exploring #equalpay, presented at International Communication Association Conference, San Diego, California. Nyle Sky Kuawelowa- with the presentation on Collegiate E-sports: As Work or Play, presented at 1st Joint International of DiGra and FDG. Christina Higa- with the presentation Building Healthier Communities: Value Co-Creation within the Chronic …more

  • CIS Student Sky Kauweloa wins Award for Excellence in Teaching

    The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Graduate Council has selected CIS student and School of Communications TA Sky Kauweloa to receive the Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants. This highly competitive award honors the top teaching assistant at UH Mānoa. Sky’s accomplishment highlights the many outstanding teacher-scholars present in the CIS program. He will be honored during the Mānoa Awards Ceremony in Orvis Auditorium on May 1, 2017, at 4 pm.   A description of the award, from the Office of Graduate Education: Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Graduate teaching assistants …more

  • CIS 720 seminar by Dr. Katrina-Ann Kapā Oliveira

    Please join us for Monday’s CIS720 seminar on 3/7/2017 (Hamilton Library 3f) by Dr. Katrina-Ann Kapā Oliveira.   She will speak about her research and the development of her book, entitled Kanaka ʻŌiwi Methodologies: Moʻolelo and Metaphors. Dr. Oliveira is an Associate Professor in the Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language within Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge.