Jenifer Sunrise Winter

Associate Professor (COM)


Interests: My research examines how increased instrumentation and tracking of natural and social processes (e.g., the Internet of Things) enable the construction of unique data profiles that may expose personal information that could be used by corporations or governments to disadvantage certain individuals or groups. I study how these developments may create unjust power differentials used by one group to diminish the opportunities of another, threaten to destroy anonymity when engaging in public affairs, and hinder public participation in democratic discourse. I am also interested in open data, in particular how it can be harnessed for the public good, while minimizing the risks of re-identification of personal data. A related area of research focuses on communication rights (for example, issues of censorship, and whether access to broadband should be considered a human right).

Key Words: Data and discrimination; digital inequalities; emerging technologies; big data; Internet of Things; Ubiquitous Computing; privacy and surveillance; open data and civic engagement; Ubiquitous Computing; futures studies; communication policy.

CIS Dissertation Committees: Alexander Bergo (member), Kar-Hai Chu (member), Michelle Ibanez (member), Hanae K. Kramer (member)

Website: Jenifer Winter