10 UHM Students Inducted into Japanese National Honor Society

This semester 10 UHM students were inducted into the Japanese National Honor Society and recognized at a special event at the university yesterday. Congratulations to the inductees:


  • Ying Zheng
  • Kana Morimoto
  • Kira Okamoto
  • Tulsiben Patel
  • Kelsi-Ann Matsumoto
  • Cyanne Ito
  • Andrew Yamamoto
  • Brianne Tottori
  • Kimi Iguchi
  • Tyler Kim
Recipients at the Award Ceremony (L to R): Ying Zheng, Kana Morimoto, Kira Okamoto, Tulsiben Patel, Kelsi-Ann Matsumoto, Cyanne Ito, Andrew Yamamoto, Brianne Tottori