EPIC Interns Arrive in Japan

UHM students Kamalolo Koanui-Kong, BA in Hawaiian Language Studies, and Rochelle Ohata, undergraduate student in Japanese, have arrived in Matsuyama and are ready to begin their summer internships at the Ehime Prefectural International Center.  We wish Kamalolo and Rochelle a wonderful summer!

2014 EPIC interns Kamalolo (left) and Rochelle safely arrive safely in Matsuyama, Japan
2014 EPIC interns Kamalolo (left) and Rochelle (right) safely arrive in Matsuyama, Japan

The Ehime Prefectural International Center Summer Internship program, jointly coordinated by CJS and the Japan-America Society of Hawai`i, offers UHM students the opportunity to work in the EPIC office in Matsuyama, take part in public seminars on topics about Hawai’i, visit schools in Ehime Prefecture to share Hawaiian culture, assist international residents in EPIC, and work toward deepening the relationship between Hawai`i and Ehime.  The program was established five years after the Ehime-maru tragedy which strained the relationship between the United States and Japan.  Out of that tragedy, Ehime and Hawai`i have built strong connections and embarked on a number of exchanges.