Final Group Photo

Final Group Photo ---
This was taken on August 22, the day of the Final Forum -- which is the main "event" for the delegates and for which all the delegates prepare throughout the conference. The delegates are placed in seven different topic groups called Roundtables that cover various hot-topic issues of the day. My roundtable was Social Minorities and Discrimination. The whole of the conference was dedicated to members of each roundtable researching their given topic, looking at historical and current perspectives from US and Japan to answer questions related to their topic. We put all of our research together into 15 minute presentations which we gave during Final Forum to JASC alumni, fellow delegates, Japanese TV/newspaper/radio journalists, politicians, etc. This was at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. What is neat about the picture is that it was taken at the exact same location as the very first JASC back in the 1930s and for many years up to now. AG Univ. has hosted JASC for its Final Forum and Conference Closing Ceremony for many decades and taking a group photo at the same spot 1 year before JASC's 80th anniversary meant something very special to each one of us.