Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship

Meet their Majesties The Emperor and Empress of Japan!

The Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship orientation session will be held on Tuesday, October 14th from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in the Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319).  All interested applicants are encouraged to attend and apply.

This scholarship represents a singular opportunity for a UHM graduate [...]

Talk on Japan’s Residual Sovereignty of Okinawa during U.S. Administration by Dr. Lonny Carlile

Please join us next Tuesday, September 30th for a talk by UHM Asian Studies Associate Professor Lonny Carlile.  Dr. Carlile will discuss the administration of Japanese law and government in Okinawa during the critical U.S. administration period.   This talk is brought to you by our friends in the Center for Okinawan Studies.  Click HERE [...]

New JET Teachers to Japan

Thirty five recent college graduates left Honolulu on August 2, 2014, to join the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET). The new JET teachers gathered at the Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu on Friday, August 1, 2014, for a pre-departure orientation and farewell reception. Acting Consul General Kazunari Tanaka congratulated them on joining the [...]

Urasenke 42nd Annual Summer Seminar in Hawaii

Dr. Genshitsu Sen, 15th generation Grand Master of Urasenke Tea School of Kyōto, brought tea teachers from Japan to Hawaiʻi for his 42nd summer institute in tea studies, July 20 and 21, 2014.

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UHM Chancellor Tom Apple offered a dinner speech thanking Dr. Sen for his support of tea education for UHM students, and his personal hospitality when the UHM Chancellor visited Kyoto in March, 2014.

Dr. Sen greets members of local Urasenke chapter. Akemi Kurokawa, head of Hawaii Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai, Dr. Ruth Ono, Dr. Satoru Izutsu, Dr. Genshitsu Sen, Mary McDonald, Former UH President Dr. Fujio Matsuda

Student members of the UHM Tea Club serve guests from Japan in Jaku’an Tea House, July 21, 2014.