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2011-2012 Center for Japanese Studies fellowships/scholarships

2011-2012 Center for Japanese Studies fellowships/scholarships, University of Hawaii at Manoa

There have been some recent questions regarding the STAR system and application process for CJS fellowships and scholarships. Hopefully the information below will answer some of the questions applicants might have regarding how to apply. And as always, please feel […]

CJS voice mail down

The UHM voice mail system is experiencing some technical difficulties this week. As a result, if you have called CJS and not been able to get through or leave a message we apologize. Please email any questions or messages to either cjs@hawaii.edu, gay@hawaii.edu, or huey@hawaii.edu and we will return your call as soon as possible. […]

Welcome to Spring Semester 2011

Aloha CJS community and welcome back to campus.

CJS is happy to announce a number of events during the coming semester. The CJS seminar series begins on February 11 with a graduate seminar from Alessandra Sabelli (PhD candidate – Anthropology) titled “Aging with Robots in Japan: A Future with Emotional Technology.” The follow week on […]