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Backpacks for Japan

UPDATE: Backpacks for Japan is still accepting financial donations to assist with the cost of shipping donated items to Japan. If you would like to make a donation contact Dr. Tomoko Iwai (tomoko@hawaii.edu) or email CJS and we can forward your message.

The message below comes via Dr. Tomoko Iwai in the EALL Department.

Dear […]

In memoriam

CJS is sad to note the passing of distinguished local Okinawan musician Harry Seisho Nakasone. For years, Nakasone-sensei taught uta-sanshin at UH, and kept the Okinawan musical tradition alive, especially in Hawaii and California. The songs from his strings will continue to resonate. For more information about him, see:


Aloha for Japan

The following link is to ‘Aloha for Japan,’ a consortium of community leaders and organizations, coordinated by Lieutenant-Governor Schatz and Consul-General Kamo, who have mobilized to provide aid to Japan.  CJS strongly supports their efforts.


Director’s Statement

Ever since I was a first-grader, when Kobe and my home town of Seattle became sister cities, and I saw pictures of Kobe, and learned to count to five in Japanese, Japan has been a part of me.  And since 1974, it has been my career.  In the past 27 years, not a day has […]