63rd Japan-America Studies Conference

The Center for Japanese Studies, Japan-America Society of Hawai’i, and First Insurance Co. sponsored two UHM students to participate in the 63rd Japan-America Studies Conference this past summer.  Ms. Michelle Lau (undergraduate student, Management Information Systems major) and Mr. Kiah Gilbert (undergraduate student, Marketing & International Business major) participated in this program and gave their thoughts on the experience.

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Pecha-Kucha Fall 2011


CJS hosted its second Pecha-Kucha event last Friday, September 2. For those who missed out, three professors and three graduate students presented their research in Pecha-Kucha format, a presentation style where 20 slides are shown for exactly 20 seconds each. Various topics were discussed such as the Hōjōki, Otaku culture, and Hello Kitty.

Thank you to all presenters for giving such insightful Pecha-Kucha talks! Pictured to the left is Professor Mohr’s Pecha-Kucha talk, “Rambling through Universalism and Foulness Contemplation.”