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Ehime Interns Arrive in Japan

UH Graduate Students Maia Singhal and Joseph Peters touched down safely in Ehime, Japan early this week.  They have since begun work at the Ehime Prefectural International Center, where they are interning for the summer.  CJS wishes them both a giant summer of fun!

Smiling faces Maia Singhal and Joseph Peters in Ehime, Japan


2013 Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Awardees

Two scholars received the prestigious Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship on May 13, 2013. Consul General of Japan Toyoei Shigeeda and Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda hosted the awards ceremony at their official residence. Howard Hamamoto, Chair of the Crown Prince Akihito Foundation presented certificates to the two recipients. Ms. Ikuyo Takara, a Ph.D. candidate from Tokyo University, […]

Ehime Interns Chosen, Embark Shortly

Left: Ed Hawkins, JASH President, and Joseph Peters. Right: Maia Singhal











Spring 2013 J-Current

CJS has published the Spring 2013 issue of J-Current, the biannual newsletter of the Center for Japanese Studies!  You can access it by clicking HERE.  All available issues can be found in our J-Current repository on the left menu of our website (under Resources).  Enjoy and have a wonderful summer!

Upcoming Courses

It’s not too late to register for summer courses!  For a list of Japan-related courses offered Summer 2013, click HERE.

Choices abound for Fall 2013 as well, for a comprehensive list click HERE.