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United Japanese Society of Hawaii News

The United Japanese Society of Hawaii said thank you to outgoing president Rika Hirata and installed 2015 president Cyrus Tamashiro on June 27, 2015. The society also honored three volunteers key to the re-discovery of Honouliuli and its designation as a national historic site: Tatsumi Hayashi, Betsy Young, and Jane Kurahara.



(l to r): Rika Hirata, Tatsumi Hayashi, Betsy Young, Jane Kurahara, and Cyrus Tamashiro

2015 Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Awardees

Consul General of Japan Toyoei Shigeeda and Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda hosted a ceremony honoring two new Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship recipients on May 28, 2015. Ms. Arisa Yoshida, MA Student in Communications at UHM, is researching the development of intercultural training for teachers and the relationship with intercultural sensitivity among students. Mr. Benjamin Schrager, UHM PhD candidate in Geography, will research the chicken broiler industry in Southern Kyūshū’s Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures.

The Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation, a Hawai‘i-based foundation promoting understanding through exchange of scholars between Japan and Hawai‘i, has awarded 144 scholarships since 1973. Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation Chair Lenny Yajima oversees the annual cycle of information, selection, and administration of this scholarship: http://www.jashawaii.org/cpas.asp.

2015 CPASF Awards Ceremony

Front (l to r), Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda, Ben Schrager, Arisa Yoshida, JASH President Lenny Yajima.  Back (l to r), Deputy Consul General Maruyama, Trustee Yoshinori Maeda, Mary McDonald, Trustee Christine Yano, Trustee Jean Rolles, JASH President Emeritus Edwin Hawkins, Consul General Toyoei Shigeeda, Trustee Daniel Dinell, CPASF Chairman Allen Uyeda, Trustee Stafford Kiguchi, Malia Peters, Lonny Carlile, Chairman Emeritus Howard Hamamoto, JASH President Emeritus Earl Okawa.

Spring 2015 J-Current

Spring2015J-CurrentCJS has published the Spring 2015 issue of J-Current, the biannual newsletter of the Center for Japanese Studies! You can access it by clicking on the cover photo to the left. All available issues can be found in our J-Current repository on the left menu (under Resources). Enjoy and have a wonderful break!

ツイン・タイム・トラベル イザベラ・バードの旅の世界
金坂 清則 2014 平凡社
In The Footsteps of Isabella Bird: Adventures in Twin Time Travel by Kanasaka Kiyonori, 2014, Heibonsha

KiyonoriKanasakaResidents of Honolulu enjoyed Kyoto University Professor Kiyonori Kanasaka’s 2011 exhibit tracing Isabella Bird’s 19th century travel writings. As the translator of many of Bird’s volumes into Japanese, Kanasaka has taken pains to map her decades of adventures across many continents, and to take his own photographs along the way. Now he gives us his spectacular landscape photos and maps, together with scholarly detail about Isabella Bird, in his own large format photo book. Heibonsha has published 161 pages of color photographs with an English/Japanese bilingual text and captions. The beauty of the photos and the careful cartography guiding readers along each route make every page a pleasure. In The Footsteps of Isabella Bird: Adventures in Twin Time Travel is a rich experience for readers. This book is available from Heibonsha and also from Amazon.co.jp.