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Spring 2015 J-Current

Spring2015J-CurrentCJS has published the Spring 2015 issue of J-Current, the biannual newsletter of the Center for Japanese Studies! You can access it by clicking on the cover photo to the left. All available issues can be found in our J-Current repository on the left menu (under Resources). Enjoy and have a wonderful break!

ツイン・タイム・トラベル イザベラ・バードの旅の世界
金坂 清則 2014 平凡社
In The Footsteps of Isabella Bird: Adventures in Twin Time Travel by Kanasaka Kiyonori, 2014, Heibonsha

KiyonoriKanasakaResidents of Honolulu enjoyed Kyoto University Professor Kiyonori Kanasaka’s 2011 exhibit tracing Isabella Bird’s 19th century travel writings. As the translator of many of Bird’s volumes into Japanese, Kanasaka has taken pains to map her decades of adventures across many continents, and to take his own photographs along the way. Now he gives us his spectacular landscape photos and maps, together with scholarly detail about Isabella Bird, in his own large format photo book. Heibonsha has published 161 pages of color photographs with an English/Japanese bilingual text and captions. The beauty of the photos and the careful cartography guiding readers along each route make every page a pleasure. In The Footsteps of Isabella Bird: Adventures in Twin Time Travel is a rich experience for readers. This book is available from Heibonsha and also from Amazon.co.jp.

Henoko Base Delegation

Four elected leaders from Okinawa spoke at UHM on April 27, 2015. National Diet member Keiko Itokazu, Nago Councilmember Kumiko Onaga, Chatan Councilmember Hideko Tamanaha, and Yomitan Councilmember Kikue Tsuhako oppose the relocation of U.S. Marine Corp Air Station Futenma to Henoko in Nago City. They view the shoreline runway as a detriment to environment, economy, and public safety. Okinawa’s representatives and Governor Onaga have repeated their opposition to Tokyo and Washington, but national government survey work for the airfield on the coral reef has begun. Audience members found local parallels in Okinawa’s struggles and asked how they could help. Thank you to sponsors Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies, Hawai‘i Peace and Justice, Oceania Rising, and Ukwanshin Kabudan.


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