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CJS Faculty Plenary Session

CJS hosted its annual faculty plenary session on Friday, April 16 in the Tokioka Room. Pictured below are, from left to right starting with the back row: Kimi Kondo-Brown (EALL and Interim Associate Dean of LLL), Nobuko Ochner (EALL), Theresa Greaney (Economics), Mark Levin (Law), Yuma Totani (History), Joel Cohn (EALL), Kazue Kanno (EALL), Wayne Farris (History), John Haig (EALL), Lonny Carlile (Asian Studies/CJS), Michel Mohr (Religion), Julie Iezzi (Theatre and Dance), Pat Steinhoff (Sociology), Robert Huey (EALL/CJS), Hisami Springer (Japanese Catalogue Librarian), Arthur Thornhill (EALL), Dina Yoshimi (EALL), Leon Serafim (EALL), Gay Satsuma (CJS), Mire Koikari (Women’s Studies), Tokiko Bazzell (Japan Specialist Librarian).

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