Affiliate Faculty and Specialists, Campus-wide

Please review Section II of the CJS Bylaws to learn about membership eligibility and roles.

IIB. Emeriti and Retired Members

GEORGE AKITA, PhD, Professor Emeritus of History
JAMES BRANDON, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Theatre
WILLIAM WAYNE FARRIS, PhD, Retired Professor of History
JOHN H HAIG, PhD, Retired Professor of Linguistics
VICTOR N KOBAYASHI, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Educational Foundation
YASUMASA KURODA, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science
TAKIE LEBRA, PhD, Professor Emerita of Anthropology
MARY GRACE MCDONALD, PhD, Retired Professor of Geography, Former Director of CJS
SHARON A MINICHIELLO, PhD, Retired Professor of History, Former Director of CJS
KAZUO NISHIYAMA, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Speech
G RAYMOND NUNN, PhD, Professor Emeritus of History and Asian Studies
NOBUKO OCHNER, PhD, Professor Emerita of Japanese
GEORGE J TANABE JR, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Religion
WILLA JANE TANABE, PhD, Professor Emerita of Art History
ARTHUR THORNHILL, PhD, Retired Professor of Japanese Literature
VALDO H VIGLIELMO, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature
BEATRICE YAMASAKI, PhD, former Dean of Arts & Sciences Student Services & Special Programs

IIC.  Affiliate Members

1a.  Retired Scholars/Teachers in Japanese Studies
Michael Cooper, PhD, former editor of Monumenta Nipponica, writer and scholar
Mary Ellen Des Jarlais, Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences
Yoshiko Dykstra, PhD, Retired Professor of Japanese Literature, Kansai Gaidai University: Numata Professor Fall 2006
Ivan Hall, PhD, Writer and scholar of Japanese studies
Susan Hanley, PhD, Professor Emerita of History, University of Washington

1b.  Non-Japanese Studies UHM Faculty with academic interests in Japan
Chizuko T Allen, PhD, Coordinator of Fellowships and Institutional Research, SPAS
Stewart Curry, PhD, Japanese language instructor
Susan Hirate, MA, Japanese language instructor
Tomoko Iwai, PhD, Japanese language instructor
Masami Lachmann, MA, Japanese language instructor
Karen Masunaga, MA, Japanese language instructor
Emi Murayama, PhD, Japanese language instructor
Gladys Nakahara, PhD, Japanese language instructor
Miki Ogasawara, MA, Japanese language instructor
Dennis Ogawa, MA, Japanese language instructor
Grace Ray, MA, Japanese language instructor
Misako Steverson, MA, Japanese language instructor
Naemi Tanaka-McPherson, MA, Japanese language instructor
Hiromi Uchida, MA, Japanese language instructor
Yuka Wada, MA, Japanese language instructor
C K Patrick Woo, PhD, Japanese language instructor
Jennifer Beamer, M.LISc, Librarian


1c.  Japanese Studies Faculty at other UH Campuses
Jon Davidann, PhD, Associate Professor of History at Hawai’i Pacific University
Gail Honda, PhD, Writer and scholar of Japanese studies
Mara Miller, PhD, Independent Scholar
Drew Martin, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the College of Business and Economics at UH Hilo
Glenda Roberts, PhD, Professor of Anthropology at Waseda University

1d.  Visiting Faculty at UHM in Japanese Studies
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