“Art and Sustainability:” Lecture by Akihiko Izukura

Photo of Mr. Izukura with his artwork

To open his exhibit at the UHM, renowned textile artist from Kyoto, Akihiko Izukura, will be giving a lecture entitled: “Art and Sustainability.” He will share his philosophy and approach to art based on three guiding principles:

  • “compassion for life” 思いやりの美学
  • “zero-waste” 廃棄物ゼロ
  • “sun and water circulation” 太陽と水の循環

**Exhibits will be in the Commons Gallery (indoor), across from the Art Auditorium, and on McCarthy Mall (outdoor). For those who wish to see the outdoor exhibit, they should plan to arrive at 5:30pm.

Please see this link for the poster for this event.