Asian Theatre Student Awarded Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship

Congratulations Jennifer!

Congratulations to Jennifer Yoo on her recent selection as this year’s recipient of the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship. The award will allow Jennifer, a Ph.D. candidate in Asian Theatre, the opportunity to travel to Japan to conduct research. We asked Jennifer what she plans on doing with the award and here is what she had to say:

While on the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship in Japan, I will further my research in the portrayal and perception of women/female characters in select forms of Japanese media, namely theatre, cinema, and related literary works. Specifically, I intend to examine the portrayal of the female ghost, specifically the onryō, or “vengeful ghost” character type, which is prevalent both in the traditional Japanese theatre forms of Noh and Kabuki, as well as in contemporary Japanese horror films. In so doing, I hope to further establish a continuing relationship of influence between the portrayal of women in Japanese theatre and cinema and views of women in Japanese society. I am particularly interested in exploring whether or not there has been a shift in the portrayal of women between traditional times (as seen in theatre forms Noh and Kabuki) and contemporary times (as seen in Japanese films) that reflects a change in attitudes towards women in society in Japan.