Can’t Go Native? screening on 2/18

CJS hosted a film screening of the documentary Can’t Go Native? on Friday the 18th in the Tokioka Room. The film looks at Dr. Keith Brown’s 50 years of fieldwork in the town of Mizusawa, Japan. Dr. Brown, a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, attended the screening and participated in a lively question and answer session afterward. Pictured below from left to right are Dr. Robert Huey (Director of CJS), Eric Cunningham (PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology), Dr. Keith Brown, Toru Yamada (PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology), Dr. Paul Christensen (Special Projects Coordinator, CJS), Dr. Christine Yano (Professor, Department of Anthropology), Patrick Ball, (PhD student, Department of Anthropology), and Dr. Gay Satsuma (Associate Director of CJS).

Pictured below: Dr. Brown (far right) in conversation with Toru Yamada, Dr. Huey, and Eric Cunningham following the film screening.