“Japanese Politics after 3/11: Trends and Challenges” by Dr. Masaru Kohno

As part of our fall seminar series, CJS is sponsoring a talk by Dr. Masaru Kohno who will be presenting “Japanese Politcs after 3/11: Trends and Challenges.”  In this talk, Dr. Kohno will discuss three emerging trends in Japanese politics since the 3/11 earthquake: the disintegration of the Democratic Party of Japan, the rise of local political parties, and the growing distrust among Japanese voters. Dr. Kohno will offer insight as to how these trends will develop in Japanese politics for the short and long term future.  See this link for details.

Hope to see you there!


EPIC interns in Ehime

Mr. Mathew Manako Tanaka (Hawaiian Language and Travel Industry Management double major) and Ms. Aurora Tsai (MA student in Second Language Studies)  are the 2012 summer interns for the Ehime Prefectural International Center(EPIC). The objective of the program is to foster friendship and understanding between Ehime and Hawai’i. The picture above is Manako and Aurora visiting Matsuyama Castle.

UHM Students and Faculty at Waseda University

UH made a strong showing at recent symposium “Remembering 40 Years Since Reversion”: Okinawan Studies Until Now; Okinawan Studies from Now on,” held at Waseda University from March 29th through the 31st.  Fourteen UH students, faculty, and alumni gave presentations on a wide range of topics, joining colleagues from other universities throughout the world in one of the largest Okinawan Studies conferences in recent years.  The most noticeable feature of the symposium, funded by the Japan Foundatiion, was the large proportion of young scholars presenting their research.  There were also several presentations on the Okinawan diaspora in South America, a topic that rarely gets the attention it deserves.  Most of the UHM students and faculty received funding from one or more of the following sources: the Center for Japanese Studies, the Japan Studies Endowment, the Center for Okinawan Studies, the Okinawan Studies WUB Endowment, the Matsuro and Tsuruko Nakasone Endowment, the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, the University Research Council, and the UH Graduate Student Organization.  We are grateful for this broad institutional support for Okinawan Studies.

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