Life in Colors in Hawai‘i 2012

Photo courtesy of Akihiko Izukura - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and the Academy Art Center at Linekona present “Life in Colors in Hawai‘i” by the internationally renowned textile artist, Akihiko Izukura, from Kyoto, Japan.  “Life in Colors” is exhibited at two locations—both with indoor and outdoor displays; the show features impressive large-scale textile installations, splashes of color on the landscape, as well as innovative examples of his natural dyeing and weaving.  The philosophy behind Izukura’s art pieces is based on sustainability and the desire to improve the surrounding environment and hand it down to the next generation in a better state than it is now.  In conjunction with the show, Izukura offers personalized Senshokudō [dyeing and weaving] workshops at the Academy Art Center at Linekona and a public lecture at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.

Izukura was born into a family who for many generations weaved obi in Nishijin, Kyoto.  After graduating from Doshisha University, he became president of his family’s business; he developed his own laboratory where he devoted himself to the study of dyeing and weaving.  Almost immediately his textile works garnered national prizes.  He reached a turning point when he received a major prize in 1986 for a work of braided tapestry made with chemical dyes; he discovered within himself a conceit—the conceit of trying to bring nature under his control.  At that moment, he began his dialogue with nature; this personal journey continues today and has taken him to many places in Japan and overseas to demonstrate this ongoing dialogue.

Hawai‘i is an ideal location for “Life in Colors.”  The natural beauty of the islands, with its underlying radiance and power, provides inspiration to Izukura, a natural textile artist, who seeks to find a path for people to coexist with nature.






CJS at the Consulate General with Kyoto artist

CJS Director Bob Huey and Associate Director Gay Satsuma accompanied Mr. Akihiko Izukura and Ms. Masayo Motojima, visiting artists from Kyoto, to the residence of Japanese Consul General Yoshihiko Kamo last week. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Mr. Izukura’s upcoming art installations on the UHM campus and at the Linekona Center. Pictured below are all of the guests, from left to right, Mr. Vince Hazen, Dr. Gay Satsuma, Dr. Bob Huey, Ms. Etsuko Kamo, Ms. Masayo Motojima, Mr. Akihiko Izukura, Consul General Yoshihiko Kamo, and Vice Consul Yuko Miyabe.

The Izukura Exhibition will begin January 15, 2012. Please see the new Life in Colors in Hawaii section of our website for more information.

Okinawan Festival photos

The CJS and COS offices, along with the help of numerous and gracious volunteers, combined over the weekend to host a table at the 28th Okinawan Festival in Kapiolani Park. Chancellor Hinshaw was among the numerous people who stopped by the COS table and took part in the weekend’s festivities.

Chancellor Hinshaw and COS Director Chinen during the festival.

Bob Nakasone at the Okinawan Festival.

Tokiko Bazzell at the COS table.

Utsushi: The Art of Copying

The Center for Japanese is co-sponsoring an all day symposium on Tuesday, October 12 titled Utsushi: The Art of Copying. The symposium is divided into three panel presentations throughout the day, see the attached flyer below for a schedule of events. Speakers include Princess Akiko of Mikasa, faculty members from UHM, the University of British Columbia, Ritsumeikan University, Tama Art University, and curators at the Kyoto and Kyushu National Museums. All panel discussions are free and open to the public but preregistration is required. Please send your name, affiliation, contact information, and email to Kazuko Kameda-Madar at before October 2nd. A Closing Reception dinner buffet ($55/person) will be held in the John Young Museum of Art courtyard. For those wishing to attend the Closing Reception please make checks payable to  the Art Symposium Foundation and send with a stamped return envelope to P.O. Box 61483, Honolulu, HI 96839. Tickets to the reception will be mailed immediately. For more information on the symposium please see and download the attached flyer.

Japanese Images Use Protocol Workshop – April 23, 2010

The North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) and the University of Hawai`i at Manoa Library are holding an “Image Use Protocol Workshop” on Friday, April 23, 2010 from 2:00-4:00 pm in Hamilton Library Room 113.

The workshop will have two sessions. The first consists of 1) a general introduction by Tokiko Bazzell, 2) a presentation on image use permissions for scholarly publications from Patricia Crosby of the University of Hawai`i Press, 3) CJS faculty member Dr. John Szostak talking about Japanese image use for scholarly publications, and 4) Asako Shiba of the Honolulu Academy of Arts talking about provider/user of art images and how it pertains to museum practices.

The second session features a demonstration of the new image use protocol website by Tokiko Bazzell and Asako Shiba and a question and answer sessions. This session is open to anyone interested in attending. Please see the library’s website for more information.