Dr. Nakano on Single Women in Asia

On Friday, February 21, Lynne Nakano, Professor and Department Chair of Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, related popular conceptions of and alarm over the growing number of marriagable but marriageless women in Asia.  She also reported on her experience interviewing single women in three Asian cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo.  Dr. Nakano contends that Asian women are turning away from marriage because of discrimination faced on two fronts, a conservative marriage market and neoliberal capitalist economy, and embracing alternative values such as self-fulfillment and personal autonomy.  The Tokioka Room was at capacity thanks to our co-sponsors:  the Center for Chinese Studies, Department of Anthropology, and Department of Women’s Studies.

(l to r): Dr. Mary McDonald, Dr. Lynne Nakano, Dr. Cathy Clayton, MA Student Toshiaki Liu, Dr. Gay Satsuma