Dr. Yoichiro Sato on the Senkakus

On September 21, 2012, Professor Yoichiro Sato spoke on the topic “The Senkakus, Okinotori, and The South China Sea – The Linkage among China’s Maritime Disputes and Japan’s Responses.”  The UH audience filled St. John auditorium to capacity.  Professor Sato explained the location and details of many of Japan’s outlying islands and outlined the competing interests of neighboring states regarding those locations.  He showed how maritime border disputes were fueled by legal ambiguity regarding overlapping exclusive economic zones.  Japan’s position toward the South and East China Seas was carefully framed in terms of policy as well as her interest in natural resources and open access to shipping lanes.  Post-lecture, the question and answer session continued on the lanai over Japanese and Chinese refreshments.